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How to grow sweet tobacco

Sweet tobacco blooms in July - August

Sweet tobacco - bright, beautiful flowering annual plant, exuding a pleasant aroma. Most often scented tobacco is grown in mixed flower beds.

Well it grows on rabatkah and near the Alpine hills.

You will need

  • soil, seeds, fertilizers, shovel, watering can, water



Digging up land on which plan to plant fragrant tobacco. These plants like sunny hills andunshaded flat terrain. Earth should be dug to a depth of pin shovels. If at this point last year grew flowers - disinfect the soil "Intavira" solution. This step will save scented tobacco from possible diseases from previouscultures. Make digging with organic fertilizers. Depending on the degree of fertility of the soil is recommended for 3 to 6 kg decomposed manure per sq.m. flowerbed.


Soak the seeds of sweet tobaccoa. Make it better on the growing moon. It is believed it is the most favorable time for herbaceous plants. The breeding boxes pour equal parts garden soil, peat and humus. Liberally drizzle. Sow swollen but not hatched seeds. When the shoots appear - their dive.


Make at the site designated under the flower garden, well. In each well, pour 2-3 g superphosphate pour a little garden soil, pour. Take the seedlings of sweet tobaccoand with a clod of earth. Carefully transfer to the wells. Leveled the surface, carefully tamping. If necessary, can be further watered.


Water the flower 2-3 times a day. Dry summers the first week after planting is recommended to water more often. If the weather is moderately moist, limit watering. In a lot of moisture scented tobacco It does not feel the need.


Feed the plants with a solution of ammonium nitrate,taking 2-3 g of fertilizer per liter of water. With increased acidity of the soil nitrous fertilizer is better not to carry out, replacing it with dressing "ideal." When fragrant tobacco come at a time of budding, you can make a potassium-magnesium fertilizer. These fertilizers enhance flowering time tobaccoa.


Loose soil after each watering. Access to the roots of oxygen is beneficial to the growth of new shoots. They will be formed more and more new buds. Therefore, sweet tobacco You will rejoice before the frost.

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