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How to grow sweet-smelling tobacco


Sweet tobacco blooms in July - August</a>

Sweet tobacco is a bright, beautifully blooming annual plant that exudes a pleasant aroma. Most often, sweet-scented tobacco is grown in mixed flower beds.

Well it grows on the rabatki and near the alpine hills.

You will need

  • Soil, seeds, fertilizer, shovel, watering can, water



Dug up the area on which you plan to plant fragrant tobacco. These plants love sunny hills, and alsoUnshaded plain relief. The earth should be dug to the depth of the shovel pin. If flowers grew in this place last year, disinfect the soil with Intavir solution. This step will save the fragrant tobacco From possible diseases that have remained from previousCultures. Pipette organic fertilizers with digging. Depending on the degree of soil fertility, it is recommended that from 3 to 6 kg of manure per m2. Flowerbeds.


Soak the seeds of fragrant tobaccoa. Do it better on the growing moon. It is believed that this time is most favorable for herbaceous plants. In the boxes for seedlings, fill in equal proportions garden soil, peat and humus. Pour a lot. Sow the swollen but not seeded seeds. When the shoots appear, dive them.


Make holes in the area under the flower bed. In each well, pour 2-3 g of superphosphate, pour a little soil on the garden, pour. Take the sprouts of fragrant tobaccoBut together with a clod of earth. Carefully transfer to the wells. Compare the surface, carefully ramming. If necessary, you can additionally water.


Water the flower garden once every 2-3 days. Dry in the first week after planting, watering is recommended more often. If the weather is moderately wet, limit the watering. In a lot of moisture fragrant tobacco Need not test.


Feed the plant with a solution of ammonium nitrate,Taking 2-3 grams of mineral fertilizer per liter of water. With increased acidity of the soil, it is better not to carry nitrogen fertilizing, replacing it with the "Ideal" top dressing. When fragrant tobacco Enters the time of budding, it is possible to produce potassium-magnesium supplementation. These mineral fertilizers increase the flowering time tobaccoa.


Loosen the ground after each watering. The access of oxygen to the roots favorably affects the growth of new shoots. They will be formed all the new and new buds. Hence, the fragrant tobacco You will rejoice before the onset of frost.

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