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How to grow sugar cane in Maykraft

How to grow sugar cane in Maykraft

Sugarcane - a subject which will greatly facilitate the life of your character in Minecraft. It can be found only in the wild in the blocks of sand, grass or earth.

The maximum length of cane sugar - 3 units, but appear random generation and higher plants.



First, you need to find a natural cane. It grows near water in warm biomes, but with a low probability of it can be found in the north. Also in the latest updates cane color began to change depending on the region. From bright green to orange. To fit enough at least one reed block.


Reach home. If there near the pond, dig your own. Suffice even depth of one block, and several blocks in length and width. Fill with water. It is better to remove any over. Select sugarcane and right-click on the block, close to the water.


After about a day and a half to reach the caneits maximum length. As is the case with the cactus destroying lower block, all other crumble. Thus it is possible to beat in the middle, to collect part of the cane, and the remaining blocks are allowed to grow further.


can be created from sugar cane and sugarpaper. From sugar, in turn, can be cooked spider eyes, cake and pumpkin pie. From paper creates rocket, book and map. All these elements will essentially facilitate the life of the character.

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