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How to grow strong seedlings

Strong seedlings - a pledge of high yield

From what get your seedlings, it depends largely on the future harvest. If the shoots will suffer from lack of light - Pull.

High temperatures do not allow the seedlings harden.

Rich or too rare watering hamper the development of the root system.

All these details need to have a mind in the battle for harvest beds.

You will need

  • Box of seedlings, soil, seeds, water, watering can, shovel, fertilizers.



Mix in equal proportions with garden soilcompost, add 2-3 g of phosphorous fertilizer per kilogram of the resulting mixture. Fill the boxes for seedlings. In their absence, we can take the cups out of sour cream or boxes out of milk-based drinks. To release excess water, formed when watering, do in containers for growing seedlings of several holes.


Fill the boxes, cartons and cups ground. Try to fill a fairly tightly, otherwise then have to add, because the land will inevitably settles after the first watering. Leave them for a few days. Meanwhile, prepare the seeds. Some need to be hardened (carrots, beets, celery root). Others - germination (cabbage, beans, cucumbers). For the third favorable swelling in weakly colored solution of potassium permanganate (tomatoes, peppers, melons).


Pour the ground in prepared containers. Make a notch or hole. What is selected - depending on the size of the seed. The first way makes sense to plant seedlings those plants whose seeds have smallthe size. The second method allows each seed planted separately, so in this case the hole is still preferable. One for secure well Planted seeds pair.


Cover the ground with seeds sownpolyethylene, put in a warm enough place. As soon as the first shoots, remove the protective film, very young plants need light. Strong seedlings obtained only with a long photoperiod. UV exposure time should be at least 6-7 hours. In poor lighting conditions the seedlings need additional lighting.


Pour seedlings as the soil dries. At the stage of 3-4 true leaf (counting when the cotyledons) plants should swoop down on individual pots. Soil has for them to prepare the same meaning as previously described. Planting, not bury. Farming equipment most vegetable crops does not involve deep planting. After watering certainly loosen the soil, it will improve air circulation and increase the survival rate.


Feed the. firmly seedlings It can be grown only keeping the bestbalance between organic and mineral fertilizers. Approximately 2 weeks after germination the seedlings should start to harden. Open day frame greenhouses, grow if seedlings on the plot. At home, you can leave at night through open windows. Try to avoid drafts. Saplings - the children, at the slightest drafts can "forgive".

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