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How to quickly grow strawberries from seed

Strawberry - a real country house delicacy that pleases both adults and children. However, not so easy to grow strawberries.

You need to know a lot of tricks.

Especially if this berry to grow from seed.



In early January, sow seeds. You can use any remontant varieties. Look at the bags. As a rule, there is specified the color and size of future berries. Thereafter stratify seeds. Take a saucer or a Petri dish. The size of the bottom cut out a circle of paper. Dampen the paper with water, lay the seeds and cover glass. Put in a plastic bag and put in a warm place. For example, near the battery.


Periodically check the humidity. If necessary, with a syringe or pipette, add a few drops of water. Again, cover the glass and remove in its place. After about ten days the seeds will germinate. Once the germ proklyunetsya to a height of 1 centimeter, start planting in the ground.


The soil must be prepared in advance, it mustbe warm and fertile. Pour it with hot water with potassium permanganate. Top pour washed sand, make a shallow furrow. With the match slowly pull the root out of the Petri dish. Put it in the groove and fill back a few grams of fertile land. Sprouts should be planted at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other.


These landing place in the package box. Daily ventilate sprouts. Start with a few minutes, gradually moving to a few hours. Plants need to get used to fresh air. Two months later, transplant strawberries in a separate container. It must stay there until the heat.


As soon as the outdoor temperature rises to 18degrees and above, the strawberries should be put to the street. The first time they have to stay there for no more than 10 minutes, but this time it is necessary to gradually increase up to the day. In this case the plants should be in the shade. As soon as the frosts at night stop, strawberries can be planted in the ground.

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