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How to grow squash

How to grow squash

Patissons by their taste and nutritional qualities similar to zucchini, they belong to the same family Cucurbitaceae.

Originally these vegetables from Central and South America, we got to the end of the XIX century to the Mediterranean coast.

In the pulp of nutrients more than the zucchini.

The taste they resemble not so much the past as artichokes or asparagus, and in canning - ceps.

To grow squash is not very difficult: they are pretty unpretentious.



Soak the seeds for several days in the sun to enhance their germination.


Then soak in epin-extra solution (0.25 ml / liter of water) for 2 hour or zircon (0.6 ml / 150 ml) for 1 hour.


Once put in bags of gauze, whichsoak in water. Within 3 - 5 days for holding 6 hours at 18 ° C, and then - 2 hours at 18 ° C and then - in the same way. Constantly stir the seeds, do not let them dry. When will the white sprouts, can be sown.


When sowing leave a gap between eachthe future of the plant 60 × 60 or 70 × 70 cm. The wells or series of pre-spill water, let it soak in. The seeds are buried to a depth of 3 - 4 cm in heavy soils or 5 - 6 cm - to the lungs. It is better to put in one place 2-3 seed - for certified seedlings. But it is not very close, but at a distance of 2-3 cm apart.


Top Zamulchiruyte soil with peat or pullfilm. When will the shoots, cut the film on the sprouts. Such a measure will protect the seeds from birds and hatching scallops provide additional warmth.


When the first true leaves, remove weak plants, leave the strongest. Those who are weaker, you can not throw away, and transplanted to another place, they may take root.


Pour squash twice a day - morning and evening with warm water. Regularly loose and weed beds.


Two weeks after emergence okuchte squash, to form adventitious roots. When will the 3-4 true leaf, okuchte again.


Feed the plants in the period of active growthinfusion of mullein or chicken manure. When the squash blossom, fertilize them with ash, dissolved in water, with the addition of urea. After the appearance of the first fruits to feed the use of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.


If the scallops are growing strongly, prischipnite growth point. In the case of heavily thickened bushes cut several middle sheets. Remove the lower leaves and diseased ovary.

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