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How to grow spring garlic


How to grow spring garlic</a>

Yarov - call garlic, which is planted in the spring.

In comparison with winter wheat, spring garlic has some distinctive features of growing and harvesting.

Spring garlic is different from winter wheat not onlyAgrotechnics of cultivation, but also has some biological differences. Bulbs of spring garlic are less dense, they have more denticles, but they are thinner and smaller. And if you choose which garlic to prefer, then you need to consider that growing spring garlic is somewhat more difficult, but the harvest is kept much longer.

Features of planting and care

To get a good harvest, you should knowSome features of cultivation. Spring garlic is planted in early spring. For landing, the outer bulb of the bulb is selected. The central grow small, and therefore it is not advisable to plant them. The time for planting is determined as early as possible. At the beginning of vegetation, spring garlic prefers low temperatures, and therefore, plant it as soon as the snow comes down and the soil warms to a minimum, that is, at the end of March and beginning of April.
Due to the fact that when landing in the heatedSoil and high average daily temperatures, all nutrients are actively sent to leaves and arrows, and future bulbs do not take root and eventually become depleted and grow small. Plant garlic cloves to a depth of 5 cm. Throughout the growing season, garlic responds well to nourishing with nitrogen fertilizers. Watering is done regularly, avoiding the drying of the soil.
As soon as the garlic begins to shoot arrowsTear out of the stem and use for food purposes. From this moment it is possible to start feeding with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, which promote the growth of bulbs. It is very useful to sprinkle the aisles with wood ash, which besides fertilizing the soil also protects garlic from pests.

Harvesting and storage

In late August - early September, as soon asLeaves will turn yellow and fall, you can start harvesting spring garlic. Digging garlic is desirable in dry, clear weather. The bulbs must be dried in the air for several days, after which it is necessary to remove, remove the damaged ones and braid them in braids using dry leaves and stems so that the heads of garlic form a single-layered row, according to the weaving of dandelion wreaths. But you can just remove the dry leaves and store the heads in woven breathable baskets.
Spring garlic is well kept in warmVentilated premises for up to a year and a half. If spring planting is planned, the planting material will be removed in March to a cooler place to stimulate future growth.

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