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How to grow spring garlic

How to grow spring garlic

Yarov - called garlic, which are planted in the spring.

As compared with winter, spring garlic has some distinctive features of cultivation and harvest.

Spring garlic differs from the winter not onlycultivation techniques of cultivation, but also has some biological differences. The bulbs of spring garlic less dense, they have more teeth, but they are thinner and smaller. And if you choose, some prefer the garlic, then you need to bear in mind that the cultivation of spring garlic is somewhat more complicated, but the harvest and stored for much longer.

planting and care Features

To get a good harvest should knowSome features of cultivation. Spring garlic is planted in early spring. For planting bulbs cloves taken extreme. Central grow smaller, and therefore put them impractical. planting period is defined as earlier as possible. At the beginning of the growing season of spring garlic prefers cooler temperatures and, consequently, put it as soon as snow melts and the soil warms up minimally, ie at the end of March - early April.
This is due to the fact that when landing in preheatedsoil and high average daily temperatures all the nutrients are actively directed to the leaves and arrows, and future bad bulbs take root and eventually exhausted and grow small. Chives planted at a depth of 5 cm. The garlic throughout the vegetation responds well to feeding of nitrogen fertilizers. Watering produce regularly, preventing the soil from drying.
As soon as the garlic begins strelkovatsya arrowpull out the stem and is used for food purposes. From this point you can start fertilizing phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, contributing to the growth of the bulbs. Very useful sprinkle aisle wood ash, which in addition to soil fertilizers also saves garlic from pests.

Harvesting and Storage

At the end of August - beginning of September, as soon asthe leaves turn yellow and polyagut, you can start cleaning of spring garlic. Dig garlic preferably in a dry clear weather. Bulbs should be dried in the air for several days, and then go through, remove damaged and braid in braids, using dried leaves and stems so that the heads of garlic form a single layer number, the type of weaving wreaths of dandelions. But you can simply remove the dried leaves and keep the head in wicker baskets breathing.
Spring garlic is well kept warmventilated rooms to one and a half years. If you are planning a spring planting, the planting in March removed to a cooler place to stimulate future growth.

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