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How to grow seedlings of cucumbers in the eggshell

Seedlings cucumbers in the eggshell

Grow your own seedlings of cucumbers -a task that the power of each, however, the seedlings were qualitative, strong and healthy, you should know some tricks. Very convenient and effective method of growing seedlings of cucumbers - the use of the eggshell

You will need

  • - eggshell-
  • - Seeds ogurtsov-
  • - Pallets from under yaits-
  • - soil-
  • - Film.



Thoroughly dry the egg shells and sprinkle in her pre-prepared soil with the addition of peat.


In each place the eggshell 2 cucumber seeds and sprinkle them a substrate.


Shucks seeds put in the trays, cover with foil and pour. Pay close attention to soil moisture, as a small amount of soil in the shell dries quickly.


After about five days, the seeds sprout. As soon as the shoots, the film should be removed. After two weeks (14 days), seedlings can be planted in open ground (when warm weather has settled and the land properly warmed up). To do this, gently crush the shell so that it cracked. Then, together with shell seedlings are planted in a bed and added dropwise.

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