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How to grow seedlings lobelia

How to grow seedlings lobelia

Argued that the seedlings grow strong lobelia pretty hard, the plant requires special hothouse conditions for growth and also you can very easily ruin the delicate seedlings.

In fact, it is not so difficult as it seems, and at home you can grow strong seedlings lobelia and admire its lush cloud flowers throughout the summer.

You will need

  • - Seeds lobelii-
  • - A shallow container rassady-
  • - A universal primer for rassady-
  • - Orchard poliva-
  • - plastic bag-
  • - Plastic cups or pots.



Start sowing lobelia seedlings need very early, as early as February. For the landing will need a shallow container, you can use the plastic trays for food or bowls for flowers.


Need an easy breeding ground. For landing lobelia seeds, use a ready-purpose primer for seedlings without peat. Pour into a container and gently press the palm.


The seeds of this flower is very small, so theyYou can not be buried in the soil. Sow their surface and spray the warm water from the sprinkler. Then place the container in a plastic bag and put in a warm sunny place. For germination lobelia 23-25oS required temperature. Landing opens daily to ventilate.


The seeds germinate very quickly, small sproutsappear after a week. During this period it is very important not to fill them as thin and tender shoots can start to rot and you will lose the seedlings. Spray plants from a spray only when the drying of the upper soil layer in the tank.


With the advent of 3-4 leaves of seedlings must beraspikirovat in individual pots. Landed each plant does not separate out, in addition, it makes no sense, as lobelia looks beautiful when growing a lush curtain. Digging up seedlings beams and carefully Planted in moist substrate. If you want to grow lobelia in pots, then at this stage, you can immediately raspikirovat flower to a permanent place. Pots with lobelia put in a sunny place.


Before landing in the open ground seedlings tempers, to make her day on the balcony, and after, and at night is established positive temperature, you can leave it on the street in the day and night.


In the open ground seedlings lobelia Plantedabout 10 of June, by which time the threat passes the return of frost. Do transshipment planting, prepare the holes first and then lightly press down on the cup wall and lobelia plant, together with the lump of earth. The soil around the plants lightly tamp and pour warm water.

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