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How to grow sprouts of lobelia


How to grow sprouts of lobelia</a>

There is an opinion that it is quite difficult to grow a robust seedlings of lobelia, the plant needs special hothouse conditions for growth and, moreover, it is very easy to ruin tender seedlings.

In fact, everything is not so difficult, as it seems, and at home you can grow a strong seedling of lobelia and admire the lush cloud of its flowers throughout the summer.

You will need

  • - Seeds of lobelia-
  • - shallow container for seedlings-
  • - universal primer for seedlings-
  • - spray gun for irrigation-
  • - plastic bag-
  • - Plastic cups or pots.



Start sowing lobelyu on seedlings need very early, already in February. For planting, a shallow container is required, plastic trays for food or flower pans can be used.


Need a light nutrient soil. For seeding lobelia seeds, use the ready-made universal primer for seedlings without peat. Pour it into the container and lightly press the palm.


Seeds of this flower are very small, so theirCan not be embedded in the soil. Sow them on the surface and sprinkle from the spray with warm water. Then put the container in a plastic bag and put it in a warm sunny place. For germination of lobelia, a temperature of 23-25 ​​° C is required. Plantings daily open to ventilate.


Seeds rise very quickly, small shootsWill appear in a week. In this period it is very important not to pour them, as thin and tender sprouts can start to rot and you will lose seedlings. Spray the plant from the spray gun only as the top layer of the soil dries up in the container.


With the advent of 3-4 leaves, seedlings are necessaryDiscarded in separate pots. Planting each plant separately does not work, in addition, there is no point, since lobelia looks beautiful when growing lush curtain. Dig up seedlings with beams and carefully plant them in a moist substrate. If you want to grow lobelia in a flower pot, then at this stage you can immediately discard the flower to a permanent place. Put the pots of lobelia on a sunny place.


Before landing in the open ground, temper the seedlings, take it out on the balcony in the afternoon, and after a positive temperature is established at night, you can leave it on the street around the clock.


In the open ground seedlings of lobelia plantApproximately on June 10, by this time the threat of recurrent frosts will pass. Do planting by transshipment, prepare pits first, and then lightly press on the walls of the cups and plant a lobel along with a clod of earth. Soak the soil around the plant and pour with warm water.

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