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How to grow Sage

How to grow Sage

Sage - a perennial plant, which has a huge number of advantages. Since ancient times, its leaves and blossoms used in medicinal and magical purposes.

It is believed that this herb is able to awaken the senses ugasnuvshie. In addition, sage - it is a common spice that is often used to prepare a variety of dishes.

Grow Salvia can be both at the summer cottage, and the ambient conditions.

How to plant sage in the country

Propagated by Sage in several ways. It can be transplanted vegetative method as seeds and seedlings. Despite the fact that the plant tolerates little cold and quite unpretentious to the soil, some of its features can be called whimsical. For example, a love of light. Planting sage should be exclusively on solar suburban areas. The selected location should be as lit. Cold hardiness Salvia can not be named. The plant can vymerznut even if too frequent snowfall.
Before planting or sowing of plants, soil should befertilize any nutrients. Special preparations for this is not, so you can use any fertilizer. If you decide to plant sage seed, then they are encouraged to pre-soak for hours in a growth stimulator, and then, lightly kilned, sow in open ground.
Seeds can be planted in another way, but it will have to wait until they germinate, wrapping them in a damp cloth. The process of landing is better to carry out the spring.
Seedlings should be planted on the site at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Growing sage in the form of small bushes. Before planting, the soil better additionally moistened.

How to grow on a windowsill sage

If you decide to grow a sage on the windowsill,then pay attention to the fact that the packaging of seeds should be marked "early." Other species of plants can not take root in the indoor environment.
For sowing ordinary suit flowerpot. Land pre-fertilized, and then planted the seeds germinated in him. Place for sage must choose the most light - in this case, the sill area ideal for normal growth.
Please note that the expertsrecommend planting sage in the home in the form of seedlings. The chances that the plant is accustomed, in this case more. Watering it must regularly, but in minor amounts.
In the summer better to place the pots on the balcony. Get enough normal light, sage leaves will be more fragrant and juicy.

Care sage

Special care does not require a sage. Suffice it to regularly weed the ground, loosen it and fertilize once or twice a year.
In the spring it is necessary to conduct regular rejuvenationold shoots. It is carried out very simply. Simply cut off the tops of the bushes, and remove the dried shoots. This procedure is also carried out in the spring.
Excessive soil moisture can ruin sage. That is why follow the frequency of watering and shrubs cover the film with heavy rainfall, if necessary.

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