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How to grow rosemary House

Rosemary has a nice spicy taste and unmatched flavor

Rosemary - one of the favorite pryanovkusovyh cultures Mediterranean region.

Italian cooks often sprinkled bruschetta and the famous sandwiches - panini.

We tend to buy rosemary in dried form, and in fact it is not so difficult to grow at home and always have on hand.

You will need

  • Pot, soil, fertilizer, seeds, water, watering can.



Buy a container in which to grow rosemary. It is better to give preference to the classic clay pot. Try to avoid plastic. container size should be sufficient that it could accommodate the root system of a small bush size of 30-50 cm.


Mix garden soil with rotted manure,make 3-5 g superphosphate, 6-7 g of nitrogen fertilizer, and 3-4 g potassium nitrate per kilogram of soil. Liberally drizzle. Rosemary seeds are sown on the surface of the earth. Do not sprinkle. Tension on the pot polyethylene film. Make a small hole in it to allow air circulation.


Do not remove the film for about a week, after which theYou can see how the seeds germinate. Unfortunately, in the germination of rosemary is quite low, so it is possible that the sowing should be repeated. Checkpoints should be a period of 3 weeks. If the seeds do not germinate - Plant again.


Thin out seedlings at the stage of the second and thirdtrue leaf. Carefully remove excess plants and transplant them to the place where the seeds did not germinate. Watering better watering can, water having a divider. You can use household sprayer. Strong jet can damage seedlings.


Feed the solution of "Ideal" or otherorganic fertilizer when rosemary grows back to 5-8 cm. To do this, 1 tbsp fertilizers dissolve in 0.5 liter. water and slowly pour out under a bush. Be sure proryhlit small garden fork, without going more than 2-3 cm. In order to improve the access of oxygen to the roots, this depth is sufficient.


Make sure that the home-grown rosemary receivedrequired number of the sun. Without sunlight your plants will grow slowly, its stems will be thinned and brittle, and soon the leaves will start to fall off. If possible, during the warm season take out bush "breathe" on the balcony. If no balcony - open window.


Trim the first shoots of rosemary, when the plantreaches 10-15 cm, and the branches begin to stiffen slightly. This pryanovkusovaya aromatic culture is indispensable for the dishes of the Italian and French cuisine. Russian housewives love to add it to the stew, vegetable casseroles, stuffing. Do not overlook rosemary canning vegetables.

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