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How to Grow remontant strawberries

Remontant strawberry yields a good harvest on light loam

To grow a good crop of strawberry remontant, use only proven seedlings purchased from a nursery or have good friends.

From the quality of planted material and time it depends largely on when the young bushes come into fruiting.

You will need

  • mustache remontant strawberries, soil, shovel, fertilizers, water, watering



Make a hole on the prepared with a bed of autumn. It is better to have them staggered about 30-40 cm from each other. Fill each well with 2-3 g of double superphosphate, potash and nitrogen fertilizers. If the fall does not have filled the soil with manure - put humus, which should be slightly covered with soil.


Spread the roots of the bushes remontant strawberries. Collect the ground at the bottom of the wells in a small hill, put the hive so that the roots were evenly distributed over its slopes. Sprinkle bush with soil, tamping carefully. Make sure that the "core" from which the leaves grow, was not covered with earth. If this happens - dig it up.


3.Water the newly planted plants remontant strawberries. This must be done to fallen ground took the void at the roots. Moreover, in wet soil intensively the formation of new roots contributing to the widening of the bush.


CUT emerging buds. In the first year we have to give the strawberries to gain strength and to lay the future growth points. Two or three times over the summer fertilize the bushes "ideal" solution or, alternatively, liquid rotted manure.


Save all the whiskers formed in August. If necessary, they should be a little sprinkle wet ground to improve rooting. About a month later the mustache can be cut off from the parent bush, carefully dig without damaging the small roots, and plant a flower bed to the other. If the fall is no time to engage seating remontant strawberries, leave it in the spring. In this case proceed as whiskers, as described at the outset.


Remontant harvest strawberries fromfrom next summer. It bears fruit from mid-June to September. But in order to harvest ripened earlier and pleased your family before the onset of frost-resistant, low night temperatures, cover the plant film.

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