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How to grow radishes in the garden in containers

How to grow radishes in the garden in containers

Radishes can be grown not only in beds, but also in containers, thereby achieving the extension of harvesting and saving space in the garden for other vegetables.

First Radish plant in the garden as soon as the earth warms up to +5 ° C.

But the next crop 2-3 weeks can be done in containers.

You will need

  • Two container or pot depth of 15-22 cm with drainage holes, garden soil, seeds of radish ripening varieties



The first container on the bottom pour heavy stones and earth. Select a sunny place.


Working hand. We are paving the edge of a palm groove at a distance from each other palms.


On the palm pour a small amount of seeds and gently finger rolls seeds in furrows.


Close the grooves ground with the help of palm and slightly compacted.


Pour warm water defended.


the same is done with the second container in two weeks.


In summer, when the day is long, cover the container withradish dark cloth after 18 hours and open early in the morning. Light day for radishes -12 hours. If radishes sown too often, thin out seedlings. The distance between sprouts equals the width of the palm of the ribs.

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