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How to Grow Radish


Radish is the first root crop that ripens after winter.

Therefore, it is especially pleasant to taste.

To grow radish and get a good harvest, you need to know certain secrets of agricultural technology.



When choosing seeds of radish for planting, pay attention to the variety, the maturation period. Early varieties are very popular, they can be grown in 20-30 days.


The soil under the radish planting should not be fertilizedAbundantly organic, especially fresh. Also, the root crop does not respect the places where radish and cabbage were grown before. To obtain the right soil, use a good humus. It is possible to bury in autumn the siderate in the garden. Then in the spring it is enough to loosen the soil and make grooves. Sunflower, marigolds, beans, etc. are suitable as a siderata.


Sowing should be done early. A short light day, cool weather for a radish, a favorable environment. Seed beds are not densely worth it, after the emergence of sprouts, they need to be weeded out. Between plants leave 4-5 centimeters of free space. Watering is moderate, but frequent.


Until plants acquire 2-3This leaflet, prophylaxis against the flea is desirable. For this purpose, you can sprinkle a bed of wood ash. Or use a solution of vinegar essence, in 10 liters of water stir 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Watering with a ready solution is enough to spend one or two times a week.
To create favorable conditions, after planting, the bed is covered with a film. At the moment when shoots rise, the film is best not to use, so as not to create unnecessary heat for plants.


Observing such simple rules of growing this valuable root crop, you can provide your family with radish during the whole season.

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