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How to grow radishes

How to grow radishes

Radishes - the first root, which matures after the winter.

Therefore, it is especially pleasant to the taste.

To grow radishes and get a good crop, you need to know some secrets of farming.



Choosing radish seeds for planting, pay attention to the variety, ripening time. Very popular early varieties, they can be grown for 20-30 days.


The soil for planting radish is not necessary to fertilizeabundant organic matter, especially fresh. Also, root does not respect those places where previously grown radishes and cabbage. Use a good humus to obtain the desired soil. You can dig in the autumn in the garden green manure. Then the spring is enough to loosen the soil and make furrows. As a green manure suitable sunflowers, marigolds, beans, etc.


Planting should be carried out early. The short daylight hours, cool weather for a radish, a favorable environment. Densely seeded with a bed is not necessary, after sprouting, they should be thinned out. Between the plants leave 4-5 cm of free space. Watering spend moderate but frequent.


Until then, until the plants acquire 2-3this leaflet, prevention against fleas desired. For this purpose, you can sprinkle the bed of wood ashes. Or, use a solution of vinegar in 10 liters of water Stir 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Watering solution ready enough to hold one - two times a week.
To create favorable conditions, after planting a flower bed cover film. At that moment, when the shoots will rise, the film should be avoided so as not to generate excessive heat for the plants.


By following these simple rules of cultivation of this valuable root, you can provide your family with radish throughout the garden season.

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