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How to grow pomegranate bedroom house

How to grow pomegranate bedroom house

This tasty and healthy fruit would like to have at each hostess. But some types of plants require special care, and grenades extremely unpretentious.

Amateur moisture and sunlight, brings in the first year results.

Though small in size, but very sweet.

You will need

  • - Large and ripe fruit granata-
  • - Land with chernozemom-
  • - pesok-
  • - kashpo-
  • - Warm water.



Planters choose any size with holes in the bottom. Under it we put a saucer, unless otherwise. Pour a thin layer of sand, about 2-3 cm.


Fall asleep with earth or black earth for a special dressing of lemon. Sheds ground well with warm water. If the fracture, you should wait a while to excess water glass.


Sadim few seeds in moist soil. Put in a warm and sunny place. The first seedlings can be in a week and a month, and can germinate.

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