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How to grow pineapples

How to grow pineapple

Pineapple - a fruit that grows in tropical countries around the world.

It is considered the birthplace of South America, but now it is grown on a commercial scale in Thailand, the Philippines, Hawaii, Australia, Brazil, India and Mexico.

Features of growth and development of pineapple

Pineapple - is a perennial herbaceous plant, withrigid fleshy leathery leaves, which are able to accumulate moisture, which allows the plant to tolerate drought quite comfortable. Depending on the type and age, pineapple can reach a height of 1.5 m, but is usually a small bush, about 70 cm.
Propagated plant seeds and vegetatively, the most common way to second. At the top of the land planted with fruit rosette of leaves, the so-called tuft.

While the first year of pineapple growing very actively, the first fruits it gives only a year after planting, but because it is a perennial, it is obtained from one bush a few fruits.

From the top of the pineapple produces spicateinflorescence with lots of red and purple flowers. From each of the developing flower berry during its growth, they merge and form a fetus. After the first ripe fruit, pineapple appear at the side shoots in the axils of the leaves, which are used for its vegetative propagation.

How to grow pineapple at home

In the same manner it can be grown in pineapple androom conditions. Cut off the tip of a small amount of pulp, remove the lower leaves with few tuft and leave for a couple of days. During this time, the slice should be dry.

Select Store ripe pineapple with a healthy crest, it should not be rotten or frostbitten. At the same time the fruit rind should be golden brown.

Then put the tip of a glass of water andPlace in a warm sunny place. Periodically, the water in the glass should be replaced. After about 3-4 weeks to appear roots. Now the plant can be planted in the ground.
Pineapple required light sandy soil. Make it from the substrate for house plants, sand and peat in equal proportions, or use special soil for bromeliads.
Take a small pot. At the bottom, pour drain, then soil, moisten and all plant rooted cutting. The plant will take root for a long time about two months, then must be new healthy leaves.
Often when growing pineapple in the roomconditions, and can not wait for the flowering and fruiting, but if your plant is old enough and well developed, you can try to make it bear fruit.
Pour a teaspoon of calcium carbide in halfliters of water, cover the jar with a lid and leave the mixture for a day. Then pour the solution into another container, trying not to hit the pellet in him. Within a week, once a day pour 50 g of the base solution into the leaves. After this procedure the plant should bloom in six months. Having the fruit, the plant will die, but it will release a lot of side shoots, from which we can grow new pineapple bushes.

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