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How to grow pigs


How to grow pigs</a>

Pig breeding is a lucrative and interesting occupation.

In order to have the maximum income when growing pigs, you need to know about the proper methods of breeding, keeping them and feeding them.



First you need to build a warm shed, makeIn it are the fits. If you not only grow pigs for production, but also cultivate them, then the room should be spacious, light and without drafts. Mandatory with exhaust ventilation.


It is equally important to acquire a good breed of pigs. If the breed choose a bad one, no matter how you feed them, no matter how correct the content was, you will not profit.

Well-established breeds: Russian white, landrace, Estonian bacon, Vietnamese vislobryuhaya, and various breeds with their crossbreeds.


Choosing the breed, piglets need to be fed properly. Feed the piglets 4-5 times a day. Portions at one time should not be large, necessarily with the content of milk and skim milk, the litter is changed very often. Piglets must be clean and dry. From a sow it is better to take them in 2-2,5 months. Long-time young under the mother, is more robust and viable. All boars intended for meat production should be immediately holed. Also the piglets are vaccinated against infectious diseases in 3 months. To do this, you need to invite a veterinarian.


In food, you need to add special additives: vitamin, mineral, meat-and-bone meal, fish meal, fish oil.


As soon as dry weather with a positiveTemperature, piglets need to walk. To do this, build a fenced-in walking area. Paddock is produced separately from adults. The grown piglets are gradually transferred to triple feeding.


The feed should consist of concentrates, the amountMilk in the diet is reduced, add a large amount of return. In summer it is necessary to give fresh grass, and in winter hay. Add root vegetables and kitchen waste to the diet. Continue adding fish oil and meat and bone flour to the mushroom.


With good feeding and maintenance, youngReaches 100-120 kilograms for 6 = 7 months. Further content is not advisable, as it increases the costs of obtaining products. All pigs go to the face. They leave only the most qualitative individuals for the production of offspring.


The productive age of the pig begins in8-9 months, in boar in 12-14 months. For the offspring, the pig should be at least 90-100 kilograms, but not greasy. Covered a pig, fed a high-quality feed and take out for a walk. Walking is canceled only in severe frosts. In a machine where a pregnant pig is kept, it must always be clean and dry.

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