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How to grow orchid

How to grow orchids

Orchid - beautiful, elegant plant with unusual and varied color of flowers.

To grow and care for orchids is difficult, but when you consider all the features of this plant, you will turn out wonderful flowers.



Shine. Orchids are unpretentious in relation to sunlight, they do not need additional lighting. Full sunlight - is an acceptable condition for the cultivation of orchids. If your room windows face south, to obscure them with curtains or blinds.


Temperature. Orchids, thanks to its diversity can be divided into three groups:
Phalaenopsis pafiopedilyumy, maksillyarii, ludizii, Oncidium prefer room temperature no lower than 15 degrees. In such an atmosphere, they develop well and in a timely manner in bloom.
Zelenolistnyh shoes, Dendrobium, Cattleya, lelii prefer room temperature 12-15 degrees. required maximum coverage for this type of orchid.
Lycaste, rossioglossumy, miltoniopsis,masdevallia represent some complexity in the care. Winter room temperature should be maintained within 5-7 degrees in summer - 10-15 degrees. If you do not maintain these conditions, the orchid will not be able to develop normally and do not bloom.


Water conditions. Orchids - no moisture-loving plants, but certain rules need to save when watering. Moderate watering orchids 2-3 times a week. During flowering, increase watering during dormancy save the same. Use to moisten the earth leechku that water falling on the leaf rosette. Choose water without salt content, room temperature. Remember, during the night the leaves must be kept dry.


The soil for growing orchids. The most common soil - straw, black peat, ground sheet, charcoal, pine bark. Before landing at the bottom of the container lay drainage in the form of potsherds, crushed granite or brick chips. Then pour all the ready substrate and cover with a layer of moss.


Fertilizers. If you use a good substrate, fertilizer is not necessary. You can use special mineral mixes for orchids, to accelerate their growth. If you will comply with all rules and standards of care, orchids reward you with abundant flowering.

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