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Grow onions, Slizunov

onion Slizunov wild

Bow-Slizunov - a winter-hardy perennial that gardeners cultivate as fresh greens. The leaves of this bow are wide and flat, rounded at the ends.

When flowering appear pink-purple fragrant blossoms that attract bees and other insects. The taste leaves resemble a conventional bow, but not so sharp a remote garlic odor.

In the food use fresh leaves in salads and for frying and stewing.

Bow-Slizunov rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Farming equipment of this plant is simple. Planting can be done in the spring and fall. First you need to choose and prepare the site for planting. To ground the onion-Slizunov not particularly demanding, but good "respond" on loose loamy soils. It is desirable before planting in the ground in autumn add manure or humus. Suit landing sites after the cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, annual grasses. Onions are not picky about the light conditions, can grow well even in the shadow areas.

Bow-Slizunov planted in a permanent place in thethe second half of April or August. When sowing seeds buried in the soil to a depth of 1 cm. Care is to weeding, hoeing, regular watering. In the fall planting young must be protected. The beds can be covered with peat, dry leaves or sawdust. In early spring, as soon as the snow melts, there is an herb. This onion variety grows well in one place from 3 to 6 years, and then it must be transplanted. Transplant produced by dividing the bush. Young bulbs are thrown back into the ground, and the old ones can be eaten. This bow is suitable for distillation of green in the winter. The plant is dug in the fall with a small lump of soil and stored in boxes in the basement, and in December you will have fresh herbs to the table.

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