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How to grow a monster


How to grow a monster</a>

Monsters are a true decoration not only of the administrative buildings and foyers of schools, but also of many city apartments and winter gardens.

To grow at home this tropical beauty, does not need to equip a greenhouse or do something special.

Growing monsters is a simple process, but very exciting.

You will need

  • Universal soil, seedling pot, container with water, mineral and organic fertilizers, pots.



Root the monster stem for further planting. At home, the monster can be perfectly reproduced with the help of cuttings. Take a stalk with a pair of leaves or kidneys (or better yet, that both were on the shoot) and place in a container of water. Usually, the monster is fairly quick and well rooted, so you can plant such a shoot immediately in a small peat pot. Whichever way you choose, in 25-30 days you can wait for the rooting of an escape in the soil.


Plant the plant in the pot. For monsters, you can use both a universal nutritive primer and a special ground of "palm" or "monster". The pot should not be too large, but also should not seem too tight. Developing, the stems and leaves of the plant will outweigh, which can lead to falls and overturning of the pot. Young plants must be transplanted into the pot more annually. Monster at the age of 3-4 years can be transplanted less often - once in two years. And after a five-year boundary, transplantation takes place every 3-4 years.


Take good care of your green beauty. Monstera is a tropical plant that requires a certain moisture content of soil and air. However, it is also not worth pouring and splashing it. Plentiful watering of the plant is necessary in spring and summer periods, but in autumn and winter, watering is better cut to give the monster time to rest. In very hot weather, be sure to spray your monster and wipe its large leaves with a damp cloth from dust and dirt. All plants with large leaf blades very well clean the air in the apartments, collecting dust on themselves, so they must be washed regularly.

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