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How to grow a mini garden in a bottle

Gardens in the bottle - a remarkable and original interior decoration.

The main feature of the design - the microclimate generated inside the vessel, high humidity and lack of drafts, so that the plants feel comfortable.

You will need

  • - Glass or plastic sosud-
  • - soil-
  • - drainage
  • - plants.



Pick a vessel for the future garden. It can be plastic or glass bottle or a bank, an aquarium, a vase of not less than 0.5 liters. It is advisable not to use colored glass vessels, as it blocks the light, which is bad for the development of plants. Tanks rinse thoroughly with soda. Pour over boiling water two or three times and dry.


Pick the soil is suitable for plants thatyou are going to grow in the mini-garden. This can be a ready-purpose primer, a mixture of peat and sand for succulents and cacti or perlite. Pour the substrate on a fine sieve, pour over boiling water and let the water drain out.


At the bottom of the container, pour drainage. Suitable gravel, shell, sand, ie Any material that is easy to pass through the neck of the bottle. Shake the jar to smooth the drainage. From a dense sheet of paper, take the funnel. Through her pour into the bottle bottom.


Choose plants for mini-garden in a bottle. For starters it is best to take the undemanding balsams, Coleus, spiderwort, succulents, cacti. The microclimate in a closed container to taste tropical plants, for example, peperomiya, Fitton, pilee and many others. Combining plants, consider whether they are appropriate in appearance and growing conditions.


Wand make an indentation in the soil. Sharing or a small plant with small roots take long tweezers. Dip it into the recess and prikopat the same pair of tweezers or a stick. Likewise, all other plant plant. Cuttings root in the vessel very quickly. Within 5-7 days, they will have strong roots, and the plants begin to grow rapidly. soil surface decorate with beautiful stones, which are pre-rinse under running water and scald with boiling water.


To make watering trough, for example, from a piece ofplastic bottle. Water the garden, gently pouring water on it to room temperature. In summer, watering should be frequent. Lack of moisture is noticeable immediately. In winter, reduce watering frequency. To feed in the same way as conventional plants every two weeks, but the recommended dose reduce by half.

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