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How to Grow Mattioli (night violet)

How to grow Mattioli (night violet)

Mattioli bicornuate became a favorite among gardeners. Her, this cute prude, love for a unique pleasant aroma.

During the day she kept in the shadows of our view, does not attract attention, like a weed.

In the evening it becomes a queen.

Mattioli bicornuate of cruciferous. Her homeland - Greece, Asia Minor. His second name - wild orchid, she got behind the incomparable fragrance in the evening. Mattioli Day flowers are closed. It is quite unpretentious annual plant. It is grown without the complexity.

From sowing to flowering, its full cycleDevelopment night violet live for two months. Seeds are not afraid of the cold and sown in April in the open ground. Sprouting seeds 7-15 days. Blossoms violet long, about 1.5 months. This is its only drawback. Flower growers spend the night violets sowing several times during the summer to enjoy aromatherapy.

Mattioli bicornuate does not like acidic soil. She fit loamy lit places. It would be nice to grow in partial shade.

Blossoms is inconspicuous small purple flowers with a strong aroma. They gathered in loose, racemose inflorescence. Bush upright, well branched, 45-50 cm tall.

Given the peculiarity of the plants in the eveningopen flowers, fill the garden with its aroma, then planted Mattioli better about the tracks in places rest of the evening, near the pavilions, the entrance to the house, as well as on terraces and balconies.

their seeds of this wonderful plant can assemble themselves, if desired.

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