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How to grow a matthiol (night violet)


How to grow a matthiol (night violet)</a>

Mattiola dvuhrogaya became a favorite among the florists. Her, this sweet prude, love for a unique pleasant fragrance.

During the day, it keeps in the shade of our eyes, attracting no attention, like a weed.

And in the evening she becomes a queen.

Mattiola is a two-horned from the family of cruciferous. Her homeland is Greece, Asia Minor. Its second name is a night violet, it got for an incomparable scent in the evening. In the afternoon, the flowers of the Mattioli are closed. This is a rather unpretentious annual plant. Grown up without difficulties.

From sowing seeds to flowering, a full cycle of their ownDevelopment, the night violet lives for two months. Seeds are not afraid of the cold and they are sown from April to the open ground. Seeds emerge 7-15 days. The violet does not last long, about 1.5 months. This is its only drawback. Flower growers sow the night violets several times during the summer to enjoy aromatherapy.

Mattiola bicorn does not like acidic soils. It is suitable for loamy, illuminated places. It will grow well in the penumbra.

It blooms with inconspicuous small purple flowers with a strong aroma. They are collected in loose, racemose inflorescences. The bush is erect, well branched, with a height of 45-50 cm.

Given the feature of the plant in the eveningOpen flowers, fill the garden with its aroma, then plant the matthiol better near the paths, in the places of evening rest, near gazebos, the entrance to the house, as well as on terraces and balconies.

If desired, you can collect your own seeds of this amazing plant.

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