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How to grow leeks

How to grow leeks

Luk- leek - a cold-resistant biennial plant of the family of onion. Unlike onions does not form a head-turnip.

In leek grows long, powerful white bulb cylindrical shape, which is in use.

The leaves of this plant are broad, flat, similar to garlic leaves.

It's not often you can find leeks on ourgardens. And it's not fair. Leeks to taste much sweeter onion. It contains a lot of potassium and vitamin C, it has a diuretic effect. Doctors recommend to use it for rheumatism and kidney stones. In the food use soft white part of the plants in fresh and stewed and boiled. Leeks can be drying, salting, pickling.

Farming equipment.Leek is recommended to grow seedlingsmanner as growing season had lasted from 180 to 200 days. Early sowing seeds in the soil can be grown in areas of the bow with a long heat period. The soil is best to prepare in the fall. To do this, the selected area is necessary to dig and fertilize with organic (manure or compost) and mineral (sodium chloride and superphosphate) fertilizer. This bow prefers fertile, fertile soil, so spring has well prepared area and make nitrogen fertilizer. The soil should be loose enough moisturized.

In the process of seedling planting the seeds sown inmid-February. The sprouts germinate and grow up sufficiently long. Seedlings are planted in mid-May on the prepared bed of 30 cm between rows and 20 cm between plants. Each plant planted in the ground as deep as possible in order to get a longer bulb.

Care Leek. Throughout the growing season careis the weeding, watering, hoeing and hilling mandatory. Spud bow in order to increase the bottom white part of the plant. Summer feeding the plant also does not interfere, but on the contrary, will help to increase the yield.

Cleaning leeks. First onion harvest can be carried out selectively inAugust, thinning the plants. In early October, onions harvested in winter storage, cutting off the leaves and roots. The optimal length of white bulbs with leaves - 25 cm. You can store the onions in the cellar, sprinkle it with wet sand. Leeks can leave and spend the winter in the garden. In this case, already in early spring, you can get fresh produce.

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