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How to grow leeks


How to grow leeks</a>

The leek is a cold-resistant two-year-old plant from the onion family. In contrast to the onions, it does not form a head-turnip.

The leek grows a long, powerful white bulb of cylindrical shape, which is in use.

The leaves of this plant are broad, flat, similar to the leaves of garlic.

It is not so often possible to meet leeks on ourKitchen gardens. And this is unfair. The leek is much more tender than onions. It contains a lot of salts of potassium and vitamin C, it has a diuretic effect. Doctors recommend using it for rheumatism and urolithiasis. A delicate white part of the plant is used for food in fresh form, and in stew and boiled. Leeks can be dried, salted, pickled.

Agrotechnics.It is recommended to grow leeks with seedlingsWay, because The vegetation period lasts from 180 to 200 days. An early sowing of seeds in the soil can be cultivated this onion in areas with a long heat period. The soil is best prepared from autumn. To do this, the selected site should be dug and fertilized with organic (manure or compost) and mineral fertilizers (superphosphate and sodium chloride). This onion prefers, fertile, fertilized soil, so in the spring on the prepared site it is still good to make and nitrogen fertilizers. The soil must be loose, sufficiently moistened.

When planting the planting method, the seeds are sown inMid-February. Sprouts grow and grow long enough. Seedlings are planted in mid-May on the prepared bed 30 cm between the rows and 20 cm between the plants. Each plant is planted in the ground as deep as possible in order to obtain a longer bulb.

Care for leek. During the whole vegetative period, careConsists in weeding, watering, mandatory loosening and hilling. The onions are hilled to increase the lower white part of the plant. Summer fertilizing to the plant also does not interfere, but on the contrary, will help increase the yield.

Cleaning leeks. The first harvest of onion can be done selectively inAugust, thinning out the plants. In early October, the onion is harvested for winter storage, cutting off the leaves and roots. The optimal length of a white bulb with leaves is 25 cm. You can store onions in the basement, sprinkling it with damp sand. Leeks can also be left to spend the winter in the garden. In this case, it is already possible to obtain fresh products in the early spring.

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