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How to grow in the country African daisy

African daisy

African daisy or Osteospermum - ornamental herb.

It can be grown both on the balconies and on garden plots.

The plant is unpretentious, but his claims he still has for good flowering.

In central Russia are grown Osteospermumas the annual crops. This plant gives a magnificent bloom while respecting the rules of farming. Flowering long, from early June until September. The flowers of different hue, resembling a daisy. Best of all, this daisy growing on loose and fairly fertile soils. It is desirable that a portion located on the sun, and in the penumbra Osteospermum also will bloom profusely.

After planting, African daisy oftenabundantly watered for the first 2 weeks. This is especially important, if the plant is grown in containers. But excessive moisture does not accumulate in the roots, otherwise they may rot and die daisy. In addition to watering, the plant needs regular fertilizing. This ensures abundant and long blooming. To bush turned a leafy and lush, the tip can be prischipnut. Because of this, will the side shoots, which later will be the flower stalks. During the season it is recommended to do 2 pinching. Remove the faded flowers is better that they do not spoil the look of the plant and did not prevent the formation of new buds.

Propagated by seeds of Osteospermum often. They can be sown directly in the ground or in the spring seedlings boxes.

African daisy looks great onrabatkah, flower beds, curbs. It is often placed in the rocky gardens, or in the foreground mixborders. In addition, this plant will look good in pots and containers.

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