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How to grow a daisy African daisy


African daisy</a>

African daisy, or osteospermum, is an ornamental herbaceous plant.

It can be grown both on balconies and on garden plots.

The plant is unpretentious, but for its good flowering, its requirements still exist.

In the central part of Russia osteospermum is grownAs an annual culture. This plant gives a lush bloom under the rules of agricultural technology. Bloom is long, from early June to September. Flowers of different shades, reminiscent of chamomile. Best of all, this daisy grows on loose and quite fertile soils. It is desirable that the site is located in the sun, but in the penumbra osteospermum will also abundantly bloom.

After landing, the African daisy is oftenAbundantly watered for 2 first weeks. This is especially important if the plant is grown in containers. But excessive moisture should not accumulate at the roots, otherwise they can rot, and the daisy will die. In addition to watering, the plant needs regular feeding. This guarantees abundant and long flowering. In order to make the bush branched and more lush, the top can be pinched. As a consequence, lateral shoots will follow, on which the peduncles later appear. For the season it is recommended to do 2 pinches. Faded flowers are best removed so that they do not spoil the appearance of the plant and do not interfere with the formation of new inflorescences.

Propagate osteospermum most often seeds. They can be sown immediately in the soil or in spring in seedlings.

African daisy looks great onFlowerbeds, flower beds, curbs. It is often placed in stony gardens or in the foreground of mixborders. In addition, this plant will look good in vases and containers.

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