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How to grow a lettuce salad



Lettuce is an early vegetable crop.

Already in late April, you can shoot the first crop of this salad. The last head is ready to ripen in November.

This is possible if there is a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

The taste of the cabbage salad is very gentle and refreshing.

Seeds of early ripening varieties of cabbage lettuceSown on the south side of the site. For plants to grow well, the air should warm up to +12 degrees. Drought leads to the fire of the plant, and prolonged rains to decay.

Usually lettuce lettuce is grown through seedlings. It is recommended to plant it on loamy or sandy-loamy, rather fertile and non-acidic soils. The best predecessors for cabbage salad are legumes or onions. For the planting of this crop, those beds on which colored or white cabbage grew. The introduction of fresh manure for salad can trigger the emergence of unwanted pests and diseases.

It is important to plant seedlings in the soil correctly. Do not soil plants into the soil, otherwise the heads may not form. Distances between plants leave 20 or 25 cm. If the seedlings are planted closer, then the heads may rot.

Care of lettuce

The soil between plants is regularly loosened andAre weeded. If the salad is grown in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, watering should be done after watering so that moisture does not stagnate. When the heads are closed, watering is reduced to a minimum.

It is possible to spend and podzimnij seeding of seeds from 5 th to 15 th September.

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