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How to grow hyacinth

How to grow hyacinth

Hyacinth - a beautiful flower that blooms one of the first spring, adorns the garden and fills it with a subtle seductive aroma.

You will need

  • - Bulbs giatsintov-
  • - drainage
  • - pesok-
  • - Humus.



Choose a suitable site for hyacinths. They need well-drained, loose soil, as the flowers can not tolerate waterlogging. Very nice look hyacinth on a background of green grass near water. Plant the plants, where do you visit the most: at the entrance of the house, near the recreation area. Beautiful hyacinth neighbors to become a ground cover plants such as sedum, chickweed, etc., after a will die from hyacinth foliage, ground cover decorate this place.


Carefully prepare the soil. Dig deep enough flowerbed on a bayonet spade. Remove the top layer of soil, lay at the bottom of a small layer of expanded clay, and earth mixed with sand and leaf ground peregnoem.Chast pour into planting holes, moisten, put Hyacinth bulbs and sprinkle with the remaining soil. Planting depth - about 10 cm.


Time of planting bulbs of hyacinth - autumn. Planted them just before frost, it is the beginning or the middle of October. Landings Zamulchiruyte straw or sawdust. You can also hide them spruce branches. In the spring, remove the shelter shortly before the end of the frost. If you purchased a bulb in the spring, it is possible to plant them in late April-early May, but the blooms in this case we can only wait for next spring.


Bulbs, hyacinth should be digging up every year,if the flower grows on light sandy soils, do it in 2 years. Around mid-June hyacinth leaves begin to lodge, they appear at the bottom specks of purple hue. It serves as a signal to the digging bulbs.


After digging, wash with clean water bulbs. Then dry under a canopy for 3-4 days and place for storage in a warm ventilated room. The ideal place for this is the closet, balcony or veranda. Keep the bulbs in this form until the autumn, and in October, dropped them in the open ground. Such agricultural machinery will stimulate the formation of a large number of kids, and you can multiply a couple of years hyacinths.

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