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How to grow grapes


How to grow grapes</a>

Grapes are a useful and tasty berry.

However, in most cases it is bought, but you can grow it yourself.

Undoubtedly, the plant will require care and time, but will reward the person with a wonderful harvest.

If you want to grow grapes on your ownSite, then you need knowledge of certain secrets, then the plant will rejoice, giving a good harvest. At first you can use the easiest method of planting grapes, and with experience you will be able to master and more sophisticated technology.


Cutting is the easiest and fastest wayGrow grapes, but it has its own characteristics. They must be taken into account, otherwise nothing will grow. So, for propagation of grapes it is recommended to use varieties that are resistant to Phylloxera grape. It is a small insect up to 1 mm in size, which harms the root system. Prepare a vine for cuttings should be in the period from October to the onset of frost.
For propagation, you can take material from a bushAn annual vine, which was not sick and well fruited. It will be necessary to cut off the top of the vine, that is, its not fully ripe part, and remove from it the antennae and not fallen leaves. Now it is not necessary to divide it into cuttings, it is better to wait for it to hibernate.

Preparation of cuttings

When the vine is prepared, it should be immersed inWater for 3 days. After soaking for disinfection, it is placed in the solution of potassium permanganate for 4 hours. Then the vine needs to be wiped off with water. After carrying out this procedure, it must be packed in sackcloth or other convenient packing material. Keep it recommended at a temperature of 0 to + 5oC in the basement or refrigerator.

Preparation and planting of cuttings

After wintering, the vine is unpacked and cutOn the cuttings. Everyone should have a minimum of 4 live kidneys. After cutting cuttings, they should be put in bags or boxes with soil and put in a damp, dark place where the temperature will be around 18-20 ° C. Soon the buds will start to germinate, so you need to start gradually accustoming the plant to light, increasing its number. Soil must be constantly moderately moist.

Correct landing of the handle

If on cuttings grown young twigs withA few leaves, then you can plant them in the open ground. It is recommended to plant chibouks from the end of April to May. Before planting the cuttings, they must be removed from the containers and examined by the root system. If its length is more than 20-25 centimeters, it is cropped. Then the roots are dipped in the mulberry and clay mash, after which they are sprinkled with sifted humus. For the landing, a pit is prepared with a size of 80 x 80 x 80 cm. Fertilizers are placed on its bottom and the stalk is planted.

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