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How to grow grapes

How to grow grapes

Grapes - a useful and tasty berry.

However, in most cases it is purchased, but you can grow it yourself.

Undoubtedly, the plant will require care and time, but thank a person beautiful harvest.

If you want to grow grapes on their ownsite, you will need knowledge of certain secrets, then the plant will enjoy giving a good harvest. At first, you can use the easiest method of planting grapes, and the experience will be able to learn and more sophisticated technology.


Cuttings - the easiest and fastest waygrow grapes, but it has its own peculiarities. They should be sure to take into account, otherwise nothing will grow. So, for the propagation of grapes is recommended varieties having resistance to phylloxera. It is a small insect up to 1 mm, which harms the root system. Harvest vine cuttings should be for the period from October until the first frosts.
For propagation by cuttings can be taken from the material of the bushannual vines that are not sick and well fruited. It will need to cut the tip of the rod, that is, it is not part of the ripened, and remove it from the antennae and fallen leaves. Now divide it into cuttings should not be better to wait until she perezimuet.

Preparation of cuttings

When vine prepared, it should be immersed inwater for 3 days. After soaking to disinfect it is placed in the permanganate solution for 4 h. Then the vines need to wipe off remaining water. After this procedure, it must be packaged in burlap or other convenient packaging material. Keep it recommended at temperatures from 0 to + 5 ° C in a basement or refrigerator.

Preparation and planting of cuttings

After wintering vine unpacked and cuton cuttings. Everyone should have at least 4 living kidney. After cutting cuttings, they should be put in bags or boxes with soil and put in a damp, dark place where the temperature will prevail about 18-20oS. Soon begin to sprout buds, then you need to start gradually to accustom the plant to light, increasing its number. The soil should be kept moderately moist.

Proper planting cuttings

When the cuttings have grown from young twigsa few leaves, then they can be planted in open ground. Chibouks planting is recommended from late April to May. Before planting the cuttings should be removed from their containers and inspect the root system. If it is longer than 20-25 cm, it is cut. Then the roots are dipped in a mash of clay and mullein, and then they sprinkled sifted humus. For planting is preparing to pit the size of 80 x 80 x 80 cm. On its bottom laid fertilizers and plant stalks.

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