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How to grow a bathing suit


How to grow a bathing suit</a>

Bathing in the people called lights or fires.

These charming flowers bloom in the spring, coloring the glades and edges in orange.

Add spring colors and to your garden, planting this wonderful flower.



Choose the right place for the flower. The bathing room needs moist soil. The ideal place - near the pond, but any other solar one, in this case it will be necessary to water it periodically.


When planting in the soil, add humus or rotted compost. This is especially necessary if the soil is loose and light. It is also possible to introduce peat moss and a small amount of loam.


You should excavate the bathing-place on a glade with a big lumpOf the earth. At the same time choose a powerful bush with unblown colors. Plant the plant very quickly, because if you transport it too long, the roots can dry up and the bathing-house will hurt after the transplant. Immediately before planting, sprinkle the young plant with epinom.


Prepare a planting pit. Put a seedling in it with a clod of earth and fill the fertile soil. Planting a bathing-house, slightly close the plant, so it will grow faster shoots. The bush will turn out more lush and compact. Fill with standing water and cover the ground surface. This will help preserve moisture and serve as an additional food for the plant.


Lights can grow in one place for many years withoutTransplantation. But in case it will be necessary to multiply the plant, then excavate the bathing house and divide the rhizome into several pieces, which will immediately land in the ground. In addition to this method, you can propagate the bathing-place with green cuttings. Cut them with a clean knife and drop them in the shade into fertile moist soil. With a constant humidity, they will very quickly take root.

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