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How to Grow Globe

How to grow Globe

Globe is popularly known as flames or hot.

These charming flowers bloom in spring, painting the edge of the clearing and orange.

Add spring colors in your garden by planting this wonderful flower.



Choose a suitable place for the flower. Globe need moist soil. Perfect place - about the pond, but any other suitable solar, in which case it will need to be periodically watered abundantly.


When planting in soil, add rotted compost or humus. This is especially necessary if the ground is soft and lightweight. You can also add peat moss and a small amount of loam.


Globe dig in a clearing with a large lump ofground. In this case, choose a strong bush with unblown flowers. Landed the plant needs very quickly, because if you transport it for too long, the roots are dry, and globe-will hurt after transplantation. Immediately prior to planting a sapling sprinkle Appin.


Prepare the planting hole. Put her in a sapling with a clod of the earth and fill the fertile soil. Planting Globe, slightly bury the plant so it shoots quickly escalate. Bush will be more lush and compact. Pour water and defended Zamulchiruyte soil surface. This will help retain moisture and serve as an additional power supply for the plant.


The lights can grow in one place for many years withouttransplant. But if it is necessary to propagate the plant, then scoop out the Globe and divide the rhizome into several delenok which immediately landed in the ground. Besides this method, can be propagated by cuttings green Globe. Cut them with a knife clean and plant them in the shade in fertile moist soil. they quickly take root at a constant humidity.

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