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How to Grow Ginger Root at home?

How to grow ginger in the home?

Ginger root is known for its beneficial and healing properties since ancient times.

Fresh ginger root contains many useful substances.

Grow it is not so difficult at home.

You will need

  • - ginger root-
  • - A wide, shallow container posadki-
  • - Earth mixture for growing vegetables.



Choose fresh ginger root. Root should be smooth and not too dense fibrous feel. The skin should be a slight sheen. On the surface, you will notice a small kidney. This indicators of freshness and good quality ginger root.


Even if you are unable to select a ginger root withthe best performance, you can use a little dried up root. In order to enhance the growth of buds, it must be placed in warm water for a few hours.


Ginger root, place horizontally, turning up the kidneys, in a wide, shallow container cultivation. The width of the container is very important for the growth of ginger root.


Earth, select fertile, suitable for growing vegetables. Sprinkle with ginger root so that the upper buds were covered with earth just a couple of centimeters.


During growth requires good ginger rootsoil drainage. The room is bright and warm select. The air must be humid. Watering moderate. By lowering the temperature recommended to reduce watering, with an increase - to make sure that the land is not dried up.


Ginger Bloom begins in about a year. At the end of flowering the leaves and stems dry up. During this period it is necessary to harvest. The root is extracted from the earth and purified from the roots and stems.

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