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How to grow eyebrows

How to raise eyebrows

In a fashion again Natural and bushy eyebrows, still, because they make the face so expressive!

Eyebrows are one of the most visible parts of any appearance, so it is necessary for a thorough and proper care - and then they will delight you with its density.

Thus, we begin to grow eyebrows!



For starters, realize that it is necessary to eyebrowsto handle delicately. And quite often forget about it, torturing them with hot water and soap, alcohol-based lotions and other quite aggressive substances. So now discipline yourself to wash off makeup only soft nutritious means that will gently cleanse and soften every hair.


For the active growth of eyebrows important soft massagetoothbrush or comb for the eyelashes. To enhance the effect of massage, use oil formulations. You can find some of them in the stores, but also to prepare its quite simple. The most famous assistants to grow eyebrows are castor oil and burdock. On this basis, and should prepare nutritious blend. You may well apply them in their pure form, but with the addition of some other useful items, you enhance the effect. These include: jojoba oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil and apricot or peach. All of these components strengthen hair and protect them from falling out.


Have resorted to some tricks and use every opportunity to energize eyebrows. For example, while taking a shower, apply them to hair conditioner and leave for a few minutes - it will cover your eyebrows plenochkoj safety and protect them from the negative effects of the environment.


Of course, to your eyebrows acquired an ideal and desired shape, it takes time. However, do not grasp at the tweezers as soon as you notice uneven otrastayushie hairs: not yet grown new, carefully paint on eyebrows Easy Barcode pencil natural color, giving it the desired shape.

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