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How to grow eyebrows


How to grow eyebrows</a>

In a fashion again natural and dense brows, still, after all they do the face such expressive!

Eyebrows are one of the most visible parts of any appearance, so you need careful and proper care after it - and then they will please you with their density.

So, let's grow your eyebrows!



To begin with, realize that with the eyebrowsHandle delicately. And this is often forgotten, torturing them with hot water and soap, alcohol-containing lotions and other fairly aggressive substances. So, from now on, you will learn how to wash off your make-up only with soft nutrients that will gently cleanse and soften each hair.


Important for active growth of eyebrows is massage with a softToothbrush or comb for the eyelashes. To enhance the effect of massage, use oil formulations. You can find some of them in the shops, but to cook their own is also quite simple. The most famous aids for the growth of eyebrows are castor and burdock oil. On their basis, and it is necessary to prepare nutritional mixtures. You can easily apply them in a pure form, but when you add some other useful elements, you will amplify the effect. These include: jojoba oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and apricot or peach oil. All of the above ingredients strengthen the hairs and protect them from falling out.


Use some tricks and use any opportunity to energize Eyebrows. For example, while taking a shower, apply a hair conditioner on them and leave for a couple of minutes - this will cover your Eyebrows Protective film and protect them from the negative effects of the environment.


Of course, in order for your Eyebrows Have acquired the ideal and necessary form, it takes time. However, do not grab the tweezers as soon as you notice unevenly growing hairs: until the new ones have grown, carefully paint Eyebrows Light strokes of a pencil of natural color, giving them the desired shape.

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