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How to Grow chicory

Blooming chicory is a good honey plant

Chicory - this wonderful plant.

Its young shoots can be used for suppression of root make one of the best coffee substitutes, and in winter forcing receive small dense kochanchiki.

Chicory is actively used in European cuisine.

You will need

  • Earth, seeds, shovel, water, watering, fertilizer, dark pantry or cellar.



Proizvestkuyte ground, if greater acidityneutral. Neutral or alkaline soils liming do not need. Fill in the autumn of 5-8 kg of fresh manure per square meter range. In autumn liming simultaneous manure is undesirable in this case it is advisable to abandon it in favor of spring mix the soil with compost. Be sure to add the triple superphosphate. All Root plants are responsive to phosphate fertilizers.


Make good drainage layer, if you are goingchicory grown in heavy clay soils. Stagnation of water is harmful to its roots. Dislikes plant and drought. With insufficient watering roots are bent, growing small and fibrous. Draw furrows at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Vyseyte seeds. Just a little sprinkle of ground and pour water at room temperature, having put on watering divider. When irrigation water is too cold, it can reduce the temperature of the soil, the seeds will germinate more slowly.


Propolite seedlings at cotyledon leaf stage. Chicory does not grow very fast, it can stifle suchweeds like chickweed, goutweed, sow thistle. Weeding, do not be lazy to pull out the weeds by the roots, then it will save you from having to frequently repeated weeding. When chicory grow up to 4-5 cm, decimate it, leaving a groove plants at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. The thickened planting will not be allowed to grow rhizomes worthy of consumer qualities.


Harvest before the onset of sustainedautumn frosts. Chop the leaves and roots, washed and cut, dry on a baking sheet in the oven. When cool, grind them in a coffee grinder - invigorating drink pleasant taste for breakfast or dinner is guaranteed.


Use the roots of chicory and lettuce for distillationkochanchiki. To do this, the roots of a small "stumps", forming a point of growth, shake off the ground, a little air dry in the shade, fold in boxes with sand and store in a cool place such as a cellar. After a few months, prepare boxes with the ground (30-40 cm layer is sufficient). Pour. They landed in the chicory roots "bridge means" firmly placing next to each other. Place the boxes in a dark place - cellar or closet, if it comes to a city apartment. In two weeks roots will dense white cabbage of about 1 °, 15 cm. Because they do a great salad.

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