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How to grow dracaena bordered


How to grow dracaena bordered</a>

Dracaena bordered - a small tree with a straightTrunk, at the end of which there is a bunch of hard leaves pointed at the tips, with a narrow edge along the edges, thanks to which this kind of dracen got its name.

Conditions of maintenance and care dracaena

During the summer period, the Dracaena needs abundantWatering, but the plant does not like the stagnation of water and can discard the leaves and rot, and it happens very quickly. To prevent this is quite simple - arrange a good drainage in the pot and plant the plant in a light soil. Water as the soil dries completely. You can check it as follows. Stick a wooden stick into the ground, if it is clean, when you pull it out, then the plant needs to be watered.
Dracaena needs a bright but diffuse light. In winter, place it as close to the window as possible, and in summer put it on the balcony or put it in the garden, making it shelter from the wind and the bright sun.

For the foliage to grow evenly, dracene needs illumination from all sides.

Spray the plant regularly, especially ifVery dry air. Periodically arrange a warm shower to wash the dust off the leaves. In spring and summer, once every 2 weeks, carry out fertilizing, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers or use complex liquid fertilizers for ornamental-deciduous houseplants or palms.

Transplantation of dracaena bordered

The most suitable substrate for goodDevelopment and growth of the dracaena consists of peat, sheet humus and turf ground in a ratio of 1: 1: 2. Make the soil easier to help sand. Take 1/2 part of the large river sand, wash it and add it to the soil mixture.

Young plants need to be transplanted annually, changing the container to a larger one. Adult large specimens - once in 2-3 years.

At the bottom of the container, pour a layer of expanded clay, andThen nourishing soil and plant the plant. If you do not have time to transplant Dracaena in the spring in the period of active growth, and the capacity for it has become tight, make transshipment. To do this, remove the plant from the pot and put it together with the earthen lump in a large container. Free space fill with prepared soil. Lightly press and moisturize.

Reproduction of dracaena bordered

The plant multiplies by pieces of the stem,Air layers or apical cuttings with a bundle of leaves. They are cut in the period of active growth, give a little dry within 1-2 days, so the cuttings do not rot. Then cuttings are planted in soil, the substrate is moistened, the container is put in a transparent plastic bag and knotted. The pot must be placed in a warm place with a temperature of at least 25 ° C, and the package must be untied daily and the condensate drained. After 2-3 weeks the cuttings should take root. After that, the package can be removed.
Dredging of dracaena bordered by airLayering - the process is quite laborious, but its advantage is that the plant retains its original shape for several more months and can decorate the interior. On one of the stems, you need to remove the bark and wrap this place with nutrient soil and moistened moss. After 1-2 months on the cut must appear roots. Once they are strong enough, cut off the apical stem with roots and plant it in a nutrient substrate.

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