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How to grow dracaena fringed

How to grow dracaena fringed

Dracaena marginata - a small tree with straightbarrel at the end of which there is a bundle of stiff leaves, pointed at the tip, narrow-bordered at the edges, thanks to her this kind of dracaena and got its name.

Conditions of detention and care dratsenu

During the summer, dracaena needs a plentifulwatering, but the plant does not like standing water, and may lose leaves and rot, and it happens very quickly. Prevent it is quite simple - arrange in a pot with good drainage and plant the plant in light soil. Water the soil as dry. You can check this as follows. Plug into the ground a wooden stick, if it is clear, when you pull it, it means that the plant should be watered.
Dracaena needs bright, but diffused light. In winter, place it as close as possible to the window, and in the summer knock out on the balcony or expose to the garden, making it the shelter from wind and bright sun.

To foliage grew evenly dratsenu need lights on all sides.

Regularly spray the plant, especially ifthe room is very dry air. Periodically arrange a warm shower to wash off the dust from the leaves. In spring and summer one time in 2 weeks spend feeding, alternating organic and mineral fertilizers, or use liquid complex fertilizer for indoor decorative foliage plants or trees.

Transplant dracaena marginata

The most suitable substrate for goodDracaena development and growth consists of peat, leaf mold and turf land in the ratio of 1: 1: 2. Make the soil more easily help the sand. Take 1/2 of the major river sand, wash it and add the augmentation of yield.

Young plants should be transplanted every year, changing to a larger container. Adults largest specimens - once in 2-3 years.

At the bottom of the container, pour a layer of expanded clay, andthen nourishing the soil and break the plant. If you wait too long to transplant dratsenu spring in the period of active growth, and the capacity for it has become a close, do transshipment. To do this, remove the plant from the pot and put it together with a clod of earth in a large container. Clearance pour the prepared ground. Gently push and moisten.

Reproduction dracaena marginata

The plant is propagated by stem pieces,air layering or apical cuttings with a bunch of leaves. They are cut during the period of active growth, give a little dry for 1-2 days, so that the cuttings do not bend. Then the cuttings are planted in the soil, moisten the substrate, container put into a transparent plastic bag and tie. The pot must be put in a warm place with a temperature of not less than 25 ° C, and untie the package and dry condensate daily. After 2-3 weeks, the cuttings have rooted. After that, the package can be removed.
Breeding dracaena marginata airlayering - the process is quite time-consuming, but it has the advantage that the plant retains its original shape for several months and can decorate the interior. On one of the stalks should be removed bark and wrap this place and nutrient soil moist moss. After 1-2 months on the cut roots should appear. Once they are strong enough, cut the apical stem with roots and landed in a nutritious substrate.

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