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How to grow early potatoes in a cottage area


Early potatoes</a>

To grow early potatoes, it is necessary to prepare tubers of regional early maturing varieties from autumn.

Planting material with the slightest signs of various diseases should be removed and not used when planting.

To get the early potato crop, for himIt is necessary to take such a site, which dries up from excess moisture in the spring in the first place. This culture likes light loamy soils. Can be used for planting potatoes and sandy-loamy fertile soils. Prepare the site in the fall, introducing mineral and organic fertilizers.

How to prepare tubers for planting

Before planting tubers, they are recommendedGerminate in a humid environment with mineral fertilizers. Then they should be heated and treated with growth-stimulating solutions. The size of the tubers should be paid special attention. The larger they are, the more you can harvest earlier. Sprouted during the storage of tubers for germination can not be used. Approximately, within a month the tubers should be in a light ventilated room with an air temperature of about 15 degrees. It is under these conditions that potatoes germinate. The tubers are laid out in 2-3 layers, not more. To light evenly on them, potatoes are recommended to turn about, approximately, 1 time a week. If all the conditions of germination are observed on healthy tubers, short, thick shoots should appear. Tubers with filiform sprouts are better for rejecting.

In preventive measures against late blightDuring germination, tubers can be sprinkled with a solution of copper sulfate. This procedure is carried out once a week. For the same purposes, use a solution of potassium permanganate or boric acid.

If a week before planting the tubers put inA moist mixture of humus and peat or compost, then the harvest can be obtained as early as the beginning of July. In addition, this sprouting allows a significant increase in yield. To do this, the germinated tubers are placed in boxes with the nutrient mixture carefully, trying not to break off the shoots. Above, the tubers are covered with earth, as far as it is required. Maximum potatoes can be stacked in 5 layers. After filling the tubers with soil, they are poured with water at room temperature.

If there was no possibility to germinate the potatoes inFor a month, then a week before planting it can be kept in a bright room at a temperature not lower than 15 degrees. This will accelerate the emergence of seedlings. To improve the taste of potatoes, and also to accelerate the growth and development of plants, tubers are recommended to be powdered with wood ash.

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