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How to grow an artichoke


How to grow an artichoke</a>

Artichoke is not an ordinary vegetable, which is still rarely grown in our kitchen gardens.

This amazing plant is not only very tasty, but also useful, so gardeners should pay their attention to it.

Before planting an artichoke, you first need to findA suitable place for this plant. This culture is southern, so the site for it will need appropriate - solar and without strong winds. Artichokes prefer well-fertilized sandy loams or loamy soils. The earth is recommended to be dug before planting, about 30 cm deep. Then organic fertilizers are added to the soil, for example, manure, and mineral fertilizers. The best predecessors for artichoke will be root crops or bean plants.

Sow seeds can be seedlings or directSowing in the ground, but after the earth has warmed up enough. In each hole, the distance between which is about 60 cm, put 2-3 seeds. The depth of seeding in the soil is 4-5 cm, when planting on seedlings - 2-2.5 cm. Further, when shoots appear, weak plants are removed, leaving the strongest.

Artichoke Care

Care consists in regular loosening of the soil underPlants, weeding weeds, making complex fertilizers and watering. While the plant does not appear inflorescence, it is watered often enough, then watering is reduced to once a week.

It is important not to miss the moment of harvest. The artichokes are removed until the blue flowers appear on them. If collected later, the plant heads become coarse and unsuitable for food.

Artichokes prepare useful and tasty dishes. They are stewed, marinated, baked with other vegetables or meat, and also cooked on the grill.

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