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How to grow and prepare Salvia officinalis

How to grow and prepare Salvia officinalis

Salvia officinalis - a plant unique.

It is used in cooking, in medicine, in the manufacture of medicaments, aromatherapy in cosmetics.

It is for its beautiful decorative leaves and fragrant large inflorescences decorate any corner of the garden.

Salvia officinalis -. Long small shrub, having a height of 45-70 cm plant is propagated by seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush. You can grow sage in annual crops.

How to plant the seeds?

A place for planting is best to choose a well-lit, with humus soil. It is important that the soil is not acidic, no waterlogging.

Seeds are sown in early spring to a depth of embedment of about 2 cm. Shoots appear after 12-15 days. On 1m2 requires 1 g of seeds.

When the seedlings grow, spend sorting weakened plants. At the same time diving and seated them on the site with a distance 25-30h50-70 see.

How to care for the sage?

Sage is unpretentious and does not require special care. Like any crop plant, it needs watering when the weather is dry, the removal of weed competition with the "living space", loosening the soil. In the spring or autumn, you can make a potassium-phosphorus fertilizer. But do not overdo it: excess chemicals is not completely necessary in the pharmaceutical raw materials. Use humus, compost heap of garden.

Overwintered sage bushes before the start of spring regrowth cut at a height of 10-15 cm from the ground and loosen the soil. Such pruning promotes better tillering sage.

When and how to harvest medicinal herbs?

In the first year of planting is carried out once the cut-off inAugust and September. In the future, cut the leaves several times per season. Starts with the nomination of flower arrows and ends in September, so that the plant has acquired and leaves to prepare for winter.

Most medicinal plants are threeage. By this age, the sage accumulates most healing substances. The most valuable are the leaves, cut from the upper tiers of the bushes. The leaves at the bottom and the middle tier, least of all essential oils.

Cut sage leaves arranged into smallbunches and hung in the shade under cover, in attics. When using the ovens, drying temperature of grass can not raise more than 35 ° C, otherwise the quality of harvested raw materials is significantly reduced. Dried sage retains its healing properties for two years.

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