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How to grow a rose stam

How to grow a rose stam

Rose is considered to be the queen of flowers, and lush bush on trunks - a special garden ornament which is quite possible to cultivate with their own hands.

You will need

  • - 2-3 bud-eye bush or a climbing rozy-
  • - Shtamb-rootstock of shipovnika-
  • - A sharp knife-
  • - Insulating tape-
  • - Peg-OPORA
  • - Pruner.



Stam roses may have different sizes. So, on low trunks grafted large and lush bush varieties, and high-climbing look very nice. Despite the magnitude of the barrel, any stam rose looks nice, but if you combine the composition undersized other colors, you get the original flower arrangements.


Please grow shtamb. For this rootstock grow from the hips for 3-4 years, with a lower part of the plant is necessary to remove all the buds, leaving only 2-3 at the top of the most powerful.


At the same time you need to grow a rose bush, buds which will serve as a grafting onto rootstock of wild rose. To create a suitable shtambovoy rose bush and climbing copies.


In the spring, you can start making the vaccine. To do this, you must use a 2-3 buds buds. Clean with a knife or scalpel, cut rose buds, sharpen the lower part of both sides. One shtambe do on opposite sides of one slicing. Insert each in the peephole and Wrap the connection with insulation tape. Instill kidney at some distance from each other, that is, one should be a few centimeters above the other.


Shoots trunk cut a little above that place,where eyes planted roses. In the first year after vaccination did not let blossom sapling, Rose must build shoots. In the second year, start to form a crown at will, making it round, or allowing it to grow naturally, but every spring remove all the shoots that appear below the inoculation site.


In areas with little snow winters rose necessaryshelter for the winter. To do this, put the crown on the packages or bags and tie up on trunks. There is another way to keep from freezing rose. Before the frost to dig a trench, bend rose, fix it and go to sleep pin dry leaves or put on top of spruce branches.

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