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How to grow a rose rose


How to grow a rose rose</a>

Rose is rightfully considered the queen of flowers, and the lush bush on the stem is a special ornament of the garden, which it is quite possible to grow with your own hands.

You will need

  • - 2-3 kidney-eye buds of bushy or climbing roses-
  • - a stem-stem from a dogrose-
  • - sharp knife-
  • - insulation tape-
  • - peg-support-
  • - secateurs.



Stamp roses can have different sizes. So, on low stems graft large and lush bush varieties, and on the very high look stitched. Despite the size of the trunk, any stamping rose looks beautiful, and if you supplement the composition with other low-flowered flowers, you will get an original flower arrangement.


First you need to grow a stem. To do this, grow a stock of rose hips for 3-4 years, with the bottom of the plant to remove all the kidneys, leaving only 2-3 of the strongest at the top.


At the same time, it is necessary to grow a rose bush, the buds of which will serve as a vaccination on the stock of rose hips. To create a stamping rose, shrub and sticky specimens are suitable.


In the spring, you can start vaccinating. To do this, use 2-3 kidney-eye. With a clean knife or scalpel, cut out the buds of the rose, lower the lower part from both sides. On one shank make from the opposite sides one notch. Insert each into the eyelet and wrap the joint with an insulating tape. Plant the kidneys at a distance from each other, that is, one should be several centimeters higher than the other.


Shoot the trunk slightly above that spot,Where the eyes of the rose were planted. In the first year after the vaccination, do not let the tree blossom, the rose must grow shoots. In the second year, start to form the crown at will, making it round or giving the chance to grow it naturally, but every spring, remove all shoots that appear below the site of vaccination.


In areas with little snowy winter roses needShelter for the winter. To do this, put on the crown bags or bags and bandage on the stem. There is another way to keep the rose from freezing. Before the onset of frosts, you need to excavate the trench, bend the rose, fasten it with a hairpin, and cover it with dry leaves or put it on top with lapnik.

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