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How to grow a rose bush: the rules of care

How to grow a rose bush: the rules of care

Rose is known as "the queen of flowers" deservedly.

Among them there are species of miniature, shrub, hybrid tea, patio, polyanthus and floribunda.

If you correctly and in time to take care of the roses, they will delight you with its bright blooms until late autumn.

Shrub Roses - this lovely and lush bouquet, decorating not only the plots of land, but also parks, malls, town squares.

How to plant a rose bush right

Planted a rose bush in early spring, when the budsalready swollen, but frosts have passed. Before planting the roots of the plants are dipped in a solution of liquid clay to protect the bushes from aggressive environmental influences and rapid habituation to the soil. necessarily shorten the root system using the secateurs to 30-35 cm.

Stems are also necessary to cut, but so thateach branch had four-five kidney. No need to worry about cutting the contrary, soon wake up dormant buds and shoots grow out of them quickly.

On the stems have to leave those buds from whichgrown not lateral, and basal shoots, and they are very strong and stalwart. With proper selection of varieties on your site from the very beginning of summer and before the first frost bloom gorgeous bouquets of roses.

for "queen" Care Garden nothing specialdifferent, but there are some nuances. For example, in contrast to the standard roses, which in winter is wrapped with sheets of paper or throw snow, shrub roses need to cover completely, as long shoots may freeze and die.

care Regulations

These flowers do not require special care, except for the normal, required any kind of roses. Mandatory conditions with proper care:

- Moderate poliv-

- propolka-

- sunlight-

- ryhlenie-

- Spraying of various harmful insects.

"Queen" of the garden need regular fertilizing is the root in the form of spray, already after the buds appeared. It is necessary to spray the roses bloom for a long time and a lush bouquet.

How to trim the roses

Growing roses in the form of a bush necessarily require pruning. Otherwise, the plant will not grow into new strong branches. There are certain rules that must be followed:

1. Shrub Roses have long planted or planted in late autumn, subjected to pruning in early spring, and the plants that are being prepared for planting in the spring, cut just before landing.

2. In the first year after planting begin to cut all unblown buds and shoots active in the following years, get rid of the weak and damaged branches.

3. Clean those shoots that grow directly in the center of the bush.

Growing roses roses allows any gardener to create a chic floral ensembles, performing care that can prolong the pleasure of seeing this beauty for years to come.

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