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How to Grow Bush Roses: Care Rules


How to Grow Bush Roses: Care Rules</a>

Rose is called the "queen of flowers" quite deservedly.

Among their varieties are found: miniature, shrubby, tea-hybrid, patio, polyanthus and floribunda.

If you will be right and in time to look after roses, they will please you with their bright flowering until late autumn.

Shrub roses are a beautiful and magnificent bouquet, decorating not only personal plots, but also parks, avenues, city squares.

How to plant bush roses correctly

Plant a rose bush early in the spring, when the kidneysAlready swell, but frosts have passed. Before planting, the roots of the plant are dipped into a solution of liquid clay to protect the bushes from the aggressive effects of the environment and rapid adaptation to the soil. The root system must be shortened by means of a pruner up to 30-35 cm.

Stems also need to be pruned, but so thatOn each branch there were four or five kidneys. Do not worry about pruning, on the contrary, sleeping buds will soon wake up and sprouts will grow from them quickly.

On the stems, one must leave those kidneys, of whichGrown not side, but radical shoots, they will be very strong and tall. With the right selection of varieties on your site, from the very beginning of the summer to the first frosts, chic rose bouquets will unfold.

Care for the "queen" of the garden is nothing specialIs different, but there are some nuances. For example, in contrast to stale roses, which in winter are wrapped in sheets of paper or thrown with snow, bush roses should be sheltered completely, as long shoots can be frostbitten and die.

Care instructions

These flowers do not require special care, except for the most ordinary, necessary for any kind of roses. Obligatory conditions with proper care:

- moderate watering

- weeding-

- sunlight-

- loosening-

- spraying from various harmful insects.

The "queen" of the garden needs regular top-dressing outside the root in the form of sprinkling, after the buds have appeared. It is necessary that the bush roses bloom for a very long time and a magnificent bouquet.

How to crop roses

Growing roses in the form of a bush requires compulsory pruning. Otherwise, the plant will not acquire new strong branches. There are certain rules that must be followed:

1. Shrub roses, long planted or planted in late autumn, are pruned early in the spring, and plants that prepare for planting in spring are cut right before planting.

2. In the first year after the landing, all unbroken buds and active shoots begin to be cut off, in subsequent years they get rid of weak and damaged branches.

3. Remove those shoots that grow right into the center of the bush.

Growing bush roses allows any gardener to create chic floral ensembles, caring for which, you can extend the pleasure of contemplating such beauty for many years.

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