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How to grow a plant flycatcher


How to grow a plant flycatcher</a>

Venus flytrap (flycatcher dionia) in nature grows on peat bogs located on the Atlantic coast of North America.

This plant is a predator that feeds on insects.

The flycatcher has original leaves, with small spines resembling sharp teeth at the edges.

Growing a flycatcher at home is quite difficult, it takes some experience and enough time to provide predators with conditions close to natural ones.

Conditions for growing a flycatcher

The plant needs a sunny place, but the lightMust be scattered, as the flytrap does not like direct sunlight. The most optimal is to arrange the pot on a light window facing east or west. If the place is sufficiently dark, the plant must be provided with a fluorescent lamp.
The substrate in the pot must always be moist,Earth clod can not be overdried, because the plant can simply die. In the period of active growth dioney needs additional moisture, so you need to water it through a tray, which must be constantly water. Once a week, the flower needs to be immersed in water completely.

You do not need to feed a flycatcher. The plant eats insects very rarely and only alive. Each trap can digest only 3 times, after that it dies.

In the winter, the flytrap, as well as manyOther plants, there is a period of rest. At this time, it should be placed in a cool dark place with a temperature of 0-10 ° C. Such conditions are not difficult to provide for the predator, it is enough to place the plant on the lower shelf of the refrigerator or move it to the basement. The plant itself will prompt, when it needs to be done, the growth will stop and only a few trap leaves will remain.

Experienced growers prefer to grow a flycatcher in a glass vessel - a terrarium or an aquarium. It is much easier to provide dionee necessary humidity and lighting.

With the onset of spring, the plant needs to graduallyTo accustom to new conditions, deducing from the winter period. Soon new traps will appear and tender white flowers on long stems. As soon as they blossom, the leaves will increase in size by a quarter.

How to plant a flycatcher

Prepare a suitable flycatcher substrate. Make a mixture of peat, quartz sand and perlite. Dionia multiplies by bulbs (underground stems). During the development of the plant, a large number of them appear. The flytrap must be removed from the substrate. You need to do this very carefully, trying not to touch the traps. Then gently separate the bulbs and plant in a new place.

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