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How to Grow flytrap plant

How to grow a plant flycatcher

Venus flytrap (Dionaea muholovnaya) in nature grows in peat bogs, located on the Atlantic coast of North America.

This plant-predator that feeds on insects.

In flycatchers - original leaves, the edges of which are small spikes resembling sharp teeth.

Grow flycatcher at home is difficult, it requires some experience and enough time to allow predator conditions close to natural.

Terms and conditions for the cultivation of flycatchers

Plants need a sunny place, but the lightto be absent-minded, as flycatchers do not like direct sunlight. The most optimal - place the pot on a light window facing east or west. If the place is quite dark, the plant is necessary to provide supplementary lighting fluorescent light.
The substrate in the pot to be always wetoverdry earthen room should not be, because the plant can simply perish. In the period of active growth Dion need more moisture, so you need to pour it over the tray, which must be constantly water. Once a week the flower should be immersed in water completely.

Feed flytrap is not necessary. The plant feeds on insects and only rarely live. Each trap is able to digest only 3 times, then it dies.

During the winter period, flycatchers, like manyother plants, there comes a period of rest. At this time, it should be placed in a cool dark place with a temperature of 0-10 ° C. These conditions provide the predator is easy enough to put the plant on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or move to the basement. The plant will tell itself when it should be done, growth will stop and will remain only a few leaves traps.

Experienced growers prefer to grow flytrap in a glass vessel - a terrarium or aquarium. It is much easier to provide the necessary Dion humidity and lighting.

With the onset of spring plant should be graduallyaccustomed to the new conditions deriving from the winter period. Soon there will be new traps and delicate white flowers on long stalks. Once they ottsvetut leaves increase in size by a quarter.

How to plant flycatcher

Prepare the flytrap suitable substrate. Make a mixture of peat, quartz sand and perlite. Dionaea multiplies bulbils (underground stems). During the development of the plant there is a large number. Flycatchers must be removed from the substrate. This should be done very carefully, trying not to touch the traps. Then gently peel the bulb and plant on a new site.

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