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How to grow a pear unusual shape?

How to grow a pear unusual shape?

Professional gardeners and amateur gardeners love to grow a pear, because it gives an annual harvest of juicy and sweet fruit, which can be used in a variety of culinary uses.

In recent years, more and more often on the shelves you can find interesting pear shape - how gardeners manage to grow fruits such original?

Growing pears

Today, scientists have deduced new varieties of pears, whichexhibit improved biological indicators. These fruits are resistant to scab and sub-zero temperatures as well as excellent persist for a long time. Pear trees are quite picky when transplanting - they often seedlings take root poorly, slowly growing in the first year and tend to die at unfair retirement. To grow good pears in the first place should pay attention to the quality of the soil in which the trees will be planted - in fact pear is growing on all kinds of ground.

The quality of fruit is usually pear affected by such factors as the amount of water, sunlight and Machinery.

Trees growing in poor soil and receivingenough sun, give hard and sour fruits. The most successful pear grown in black earth or gray forest soils, where there is a strong suglinkovaya subsoil. Positively affect the trees, and the area of ​​their habitat - so great pear growing on hills and slopes, which have grown to an enormous size and penetrating roots in the ground for six to eight meters.

Growing unusual pears

The first unusual pear shaped in the form of the Buddhagrown Chinese farmer Hao, who six years trying to invent a way to give the fruit of a certain silhouette - and he succeeded. The resourceful farmer did not do a miracle, but simply picked pears in the development stage and put their fruit in plastic form, resembling the silhouette of Buddha. The result was the acquisition of a new breeding varieties of pear fruit with non-standard "construction".

"Buddhist" pears are sold like hot cakes - people believe they bring good luck and wealth.

Growing pears original form is notnovelty - Japanese began to do it twenty years ago. It was in Japan for the first time raised the square watermelons - despite the fact that the technology of their cultivation have not put on stream, they are quite popular due to easy transport and convenient storage.
Today, many gardeners are grown pearsunusual shapes, putting them into plastic containers, molded by special order. Small fruits grow in these molds, taking the form of a figure - in this way grow miniature bonsai trees, the branches of which wrapped wire and cut off the excess shoots. Pears in the growth process directly on the tree fill a void forms, turning into an unusual and artistically, "twisted" the fruit.

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