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How to grow a luxury asters

Luxury asters in the garden

In the garden look great with large luxurious aster flowers. Of course, in order to grow beautiful flowers, you need to make an effort.

But it is necessary to wait for them to bloom, it's such a joy to the soul.

Asters, as no other colors, decorate your garden.

You will need

  • - Fertilizer
  • - Wood ash
  • - sawdust
  • - Hay rot
  • - potassium permanganate



Asters each year put on a new place and putthey should be sparingly, not too thick. It is important to find a suitable place for the asters in your garden, so until June to plant them in a permanent place not worth it.


Never put on a faded after flowerbedsbulbs as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are affected by fungi, which are very dangerous for the asters. By planting asters observe rotation. That is the place where they were grown, try to land no sooner than three years. It is best to plant them in a separate place, somewhere closer to the edge. The main thing that landing were blown. it is a loose fit is considered ideal for health asters.


Feed the asters fertilizersis moderate, only three times after transplanting to a permanent place. Asters not like organic fertilizers, so they should not be put on the spot where fertilizers are applied in the past year. The best fertilizer for asters, this ash. By landing on the 1 sq. m add 200 g of wood ash, mix it with earth.


Watering Aster need often, especially in hotweather. And in order to let the moisture evaporate more slowly, bushes, mulch sawdust and hay dust. The whole season every two weeks, spray the plants with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.


Get the flowers larger helps the removal of partaxillary shoots. The more you repot asters, the better it will develop its root system. Transplanted can even flowering shrubs and they do quite hurt.

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