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How to grow a large carrot

How to grow a large carrot

carrot size depends not only on the class, but also by thinning and leaving. Grow big carrots as possible.

Even the beginner summer resident can get a great harvest, if a little effort.

Preparation for planting carrots

Buy seeds of carrots - in its variety, choosediscretion, it is desirable that the fruits are conical. If you are making your seeds, use them. What matters is that the shelf life is not exceeded two years, otherwise they may not come up and you will lose time.

Dig up a bed in early May. If you are in this period kept cold night, then be guided by the weather. In principle, the carrot is not afraid of strong frosts. Do not forget to make fertilizer, which can be easily purchased at gardening stores - Specify how to use the manual.

Make a shallow groove in which the sowseeds. On top sprinkle with the ground and pour. Beds planted with carrot can be covered film, but it is not mandatory. After 7-14 days, expect germination. Note that the sprouts will appear not earlier than that date.

Weeding and thinning carrots

At the first weeding, remove all the weeds, pourflower bed. A few days later proceed to thinning carrots. Do not regret shoots safely remove unneeded, or not get a good harvest. The distance should be between each plant 4-6 cm.

If you do it right, the autumn harvest carrots poluchitekrupny. It is also possible to sow in autumn time prisypaya bed of sawdust in the spring to carry out weeding.

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