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How to grow a large carrot


How to grow a large carrot</a>

The size of carrots depends not only on the variety, but also on thinning, as well as care. You can grow large carrots.

Even a beginner summer resident can get a great harvest if he makes a little effort.

Preparing for sowing carrots

Buy carrot seeds - choose according to yourIt is desirable that the fruits are conical. If you make your seeds, use them. The main thing is that the storage period does not exceed two years, otherwise they may not ascend, and you will lose time.

Dig up the garden in early May. If you have cold nights during this period, then follow the weather. In principle, carrots are not much afraid of frost. Do not forget to bring in mineral fertilizers, which can be easily bought in horticultural shops - use the instructions in the instructions.

Make shallow grooves in which you sowSeeds. Top with earth and pour. A seedbed with a carrot can be covered with a film, but this is not necessary. After 7-14 days, expect sprouting. Note that the shoots will not appear earlier than this time.

Weeding and thinning carrots

At the first weeding remove all the weeds, pourBed. After a couple of days, start to thin out the carrots. Do not regret shoots, safely clean unnecessary, otherwise do not get a good harvest. The distance should be between each plant 4-6 cm.

If you do everything right, you will get a great harvest of carrots in autumn. You can also sow in the autumn period, sprinkling the garden with sawdust, and in the spring weeding.

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