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How to grow the gold plum

Golden plum

Grow gold sink easy.

It is important to know how to prepare a sapling that it caught on, and how to plant it.

Infrequent, but abundant watering, fertilizing will help to achieve high yields.

Fruit trees planted in the country, make it possible to feast on fruits in large quantities, make them preparations for the winter.
In addition to apples, very popular among gardenersare plum. You can put on the site by those who will give a blue or yellow fruits. Recently, maturing, acquire a golden hue, so these are also called plum gold.
There are 2 main ways of growing amber plums - from seedlings from seed. The second - is more common.

Planting material

If your site already has a drain of this kind, it comes from its roots shoots. She removed periodically so that it does not overshadow the tree and took away his nutrients.

Saplings plum harvest and planting in the autumn - in September - October or in the spring - in late April - early May.

Eli wants to have in the garden a few plums, take the ax blade and mark the ground around his young growth so as not to damage the roots and the roots of the parent tree.
Now the ax to work pouverennee toseparate the overgrown root system together with the barrel of the main tree. Now, take a shovel, dig round the young seedling, and free planting material is ready.
If your garden is not gold sink, you can ask to dig up shoots from neighbors or buy a sapling. When planting material available, then you can start planting.

Transportation, planting

If a sapling plum gold purchased in the market, in a shop, and has an open root system before planting or transport to the site (if it is long) roots dipped in a clay mash.

To prepare the clay mash, you need to take half a bucket of water and put in it as much clay to get an array with stirring, for reminding density of sour cream.

Now the roots of the tree is dipped in mash, give themstand for 5 minutes, gently, not shaking the clay, take out the seedling and place it on the prepared cellophane. Clay should dry up. Then you can take a tree to the country or just to plant at the site.

Planting a tree in the ground and take care of him

For plums not dig very deep, but enoughwide hole, the size of 60x80 cm. It put two buckets of rotted manure or compost, half-liter jar of ashes, and half a glass of nitrophosphate. All this is well mixed and shaped in the form of a mound. On it put a sapling, straighten the roots and fall asleep fertile soil.
For 2 times watered tree two water buckets and trample down the earth around the trunk leg.
Care - simple - the annual removal of undergrowth, the formation of crowns. To do this, you need to cut the lower branches, to make it clear the barrel and remove diseased, dead branches.
In early spring are whitewashed trunk. If the summer weather is dry, the weekly plum abundantly watered. It fed in late April or mullein urea solution at the end of May and early July fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium. Then the yellow plum harvests will be canceled.

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