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How to grow daisies in an apartment


How to grow daisies in an apartment</a>

Fine delicate daisies in the open ground please their flowering from April to summer.

But these unpretentious flowers can also be grown in an apartment on the windowsill, having achieved a long flowering in the winter months.

Daisy in Greek means"pearl". These little tender flowers have won the hearts of flower lovers all over the world. Despite its modest appearance and some plainness that distinguishes daisies from lush garden flowers, this little flower has acquired many legends and stories about its origin. In the Russian epics, when Lubava rushed to the bewitched Sadko, she broke a necklace of river pearls. Pearls scattered on the ground and turned into daisies, symbolizing purity and innocence, love and tears.

Growing from annual sockets

The easiest option is to grow daisies inRoom - to transplant the annual flower sockets from the street to the pots somewhere in the middle of autumn, until the daily temperatures drop below 8oC of heat. By this time, the daisies are already in a state of rest and preparation for the future flowering.
The soil for transplantation should be light, loose andFertile, with the addition of humus and sand for moisture conductivity. Plants should be placed on well-lit windows and after a couple of weeks to start feeding up fertilizers. At this planting date, flowering will begin in December and will continue throughout the winter.

Growing daisies from seeds on a windowsill

Cultivation from seeds implies impossibilityGetting roses bloomed up to the threshold of flowering. But, nevertheless, having spent almost a year to grow seedlings, you can achieve active flowering daisies grown initially in the room. Seeds are sown in boxes in March-April. After emergence, the seedlings are kept on the sunny side of the windows and watered very moderately, since the daisies do not tolerate overmoistening.
When shoots begin to form sockets, flowersPlanted and grown like ordinary houseplants until the fall. The success of the subsequent flowering depends on the rest period, which must be provided to young rosettes. To do this, pots with daisies in November should be placed in a cool light room and cut irrigation to a minimum, or remove the seedlings in the cellar and do not water at all.
The rest period is about two to three months. After the day begins to increase significantly (January-February), the plants are transferred to light windows and resumed watering. Daisies bloom after a few weeks and with good care bloom for several months.

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