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How to grow a daisy in the apartment

How to grow a daisy in the apartment

Lovely delicate daisies in the open field delight their flowering from April until the summer.

But these flowers is quite unpretentious and can grow on a windowsill in an apartment, having achieved a long flowering during the winter months.

Daisy in Greek means"pearl". These small delicate flowers won the hearts of lovers of flowers around the world. Despite its modest appearance and some homeliness distinguishing daisy flowers from the lush garden, this little flower has acquired many legends and stories about their origins. In Russian epics when Liubava rushed to bewitch Sadko, her torn necklace of freshwater pearls. Pearls scattered on the ground and turned into a daisy, symbolizing purity and innocence, love and tears.

Cultivation of annual sockets

The easiest way to grow daisies inroom - transplanted annuals flower outlet street in pots somewhere in the middle of autumn, before lowering the daily temperatures below 8 ° C heat. This period will pass Daisy has to rest and prepare for the future flowering.
The soil for transplant should be light, loose andfertile, with the addition of humus and sand for vlagoprovodimosti. Plants should be placed on a well-lit window, and a couple of weeks to start to feed fertilizers. With this planting flowering period starts in December and will continue through the winter.

Growing from seed daisies on the window sill

Growing from seed involves the impossibilitypodroschennyh getting to the threshold of flowering rosettes. But, nevertheless, having spent almost a year on the cultivation of seedlings, can achieve active flowering daisies, originally grown in ambient conditions. Seeds are sown in boxes in March and April. After germination the seedlings found on the sunny side windows and watered very sparingly, as a daisy can not tolerate waterlogging.
When shoots begin to form rosettes, flowerssit and grown as ordinary houseplants until autumn. Success depends on the subsequent flowering period of rest, which is necessary to provide young outlets. To do this, the pots of daisies in November should be placed in a cool, bright room and reduce watering to a minimum, or else remove the seedlings into the cellar and not watered at all.
The rest period is about two to three months. After the day will start to increase significantly (January-February), the plant is transferred to a bright window and resume watering. Daisies bloom in a few weeks, and with good care bloom for several months.

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