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How to grow a blue rose

rose flower

Blue Rose - the hero of many legends.

For centuries, its existence is considered a myth. Petals blue or blue color delights, and get such a gift almost every dream.

Today get a flower in several ways.

However, there are some nuances, related both to the name of "blue rose", and from the growing process.

Myths about the blue rose

Breeders for a long time tried to createblue roses. The main problem was that the original roses are missing some genes, such as gene blue. That is why to grow a plant by crossing flowers of one type was not real. Scientists have found a way out and began to implant the genes in roses nezabudok. Thus it appeared the first varieties of blue roses.
An important point that everyone should know whowants to grow a plant on your own - most varieties, which are known as "blue roses" have almost nothing in common with the expected blue or blue. Petals of flowers - chameleons.

If you have decided to grow out of white roses blueby watering the plants a variety of solutions, it is best to do it at their summer cottage. At room conditions, such procedures can be detrimental to your health.

The most available varieties of roses are blue,for example, "Maytser Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht", "Blue Nile", "Aqua" or "Blue Perfume". However, seeing flowering of roses, many growers disappointed. Their petals are not blue, and purple or maroon. The blue or bluish, they are only at certain times of the day.
Most blue rose is considered a Japanese cultivar"Applause". The free sale of such plants yet. This variety of rose was bred by Japanese scientists in 2009 alone. It is noteworthy that the discovery was made almost by accident. Doctors studying human diseases, drew attention to the fact that the diseased liver often becomes blue. This fact was the basis for the experiment over the flowers. Plain white rose, received a portion of the enzyme became saturated blue. Thanks to this discovery very soon seeds and seedlings blue rose can buy anyone. At the moment it is not always possible due to financial costs. The price of this one flower plants abroad is 40-50 dollars.

To get rich blue rose enoughfor several weeks watering burgundy rose a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Starting such a procedure is better at the first sign of buds.

How to grow a blue rose in white

The easiest way to obtain blue petalsa rose - coloring food dyes. For this purpose, the water soluble dye of the desired hue, and then it drops white rose. After some time, the petals change color, and you can surprise an original gift any of their loved ones. Similar options can be found in flower shops.
A similar method of coloring roses - watering themfood dyes. White roses landed in open ground and throughout the entire growth period watering food dye blue color. flower petals necessarily change their hue. Watering can white roses and such solutions can be as potassium permanganate, salts of cobalt or copper sulfate.

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