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How to raise a chick


How to raise a chick</a>

Nestlings hatch from eggs blind, they are covered with rare down or are completely naked and unable to feed themselves.

The entire period of finding the nestlings in the nest and a few weeks after it is left, the parents bring them all new portions of feed.

In order to grow a nestling on its own, you will have to devote about 20 days of your life to it.

Until the moment when the chick starts to feedOn its own, care for it will take a quarter of every hour. During the day, it is necessary to feed it to full saturation every 20 minutes. To understand if the chick is full, simply - having eaten, he stops begging for food, opening his mouth.

Cultivation of owls, predators, ducks, chickens is less complicated. These birds have less intensive metabolism, and many of them are born ready for independent life.

Features of feeding singers

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Particular attention should be given to the composition of food. It is important to remember that most choristers feed nestlings with insects. If the adoptive person refers to songbirds, it should be fed in the same way as adult insectivorous birds feed: larvae of flies, flour worms, ant cocoons, as well as cottage cheese, carrots and chicken eggs. Do not forget about mineral and vitamin supplements. You can raise chicks, feeding them with some ant cocoons, but they will not be able to grow on one chicken egg.
Food is conveniently served with tweezers. Already from the first feeding it is necessary to achieve, that the pet independently opened a beak. To do this, when raising the tweezers, you need to shake the nest or touch the tweezers to the corners of the beak, the plumage of the head. Starting from the age of 15 days, the food is scattered on the bottom of the cage. When the chick learns to glue the scattered food, you can install a feeder in the cage. But with a pair of tweezers, the chick is stopped feeding only when he learns to eat up to satiety. From now on, he will need a more spacious cage, in which you can fly and run.

Chicks of a falcon, a sparrow's owl and a hawk should be fed with clogged daily chickens or bird meat.

Features of feeding of finch

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The chicks of the family of finch (zelenushka, bullfinch,Dandruff, cannabis) will be able to feed only with the help of other finch birds. This is due to the fact that the food brought by the parents is mechanically processed in the beak and moistened with enzyme containing saliva. Without this, the digestion of the chicks is not produced.
You can grow a chick with finchesDomesticated canary. To do this, it is necessary to remove from the nest its masonry and put there newly hatched chicks. The canary will eagerly feed the chicks while they are in the nest. But after it is left, some individuals stop feeding their adopted children.

Cultivation of owls, predators, ducks, chickens is less complicated. These birds have less intensive metabolism, and many of them are born ready for independent life.

Care for chicks

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Because a small pet has to be fedVery often, you should always be nearby or carry it with you. While the chick is small and can not escape, you can keep it in a small container or a box. If a fledglings fledglings only 4-5 days from the time he hatched, it is important to provide him with heating. The easiest way to arrange it in the form of a warmer from a flattened plastic bottle.
From the 9th to the 12th day, when the chick tendsLeave the "nest", it is better to place it in a small cage. Regardless of the place of maintenance, the chick must have a dry soft litter, for which moss or dried grass is suitable. If they are not at hand, you can lay cotton at first. In this case, it is important to constantly monitor that the chick is not entangled in the fibers. Change the litter as necessary.

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