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How to grow chicks

How to grow chicks

The chicks hatch from eggs blind, they are covered with thin down or completely naked and unable to feed themselves.

The entire period when the chicks in the nest and a few weeks after leaving the parents bring them all the new portions of food.

To grow their own chicks have to devote to it about 20 days of his life.

Until such time as the chick starts to feedindependently care for will take a quarter of an hour each. In the daytime it is necessary to feed it to saturation every 20 minutes. Understand whether the chick is fed simply - after eating, it will cease to beg for food, opening his mouth.

Growing chicks owls, predators, duck, chicken - less difficult. These birds less intense metabolism, and many of them are born ready for independent living.

Features songbirds feeding

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Particular attention should be paid to the composition of the food. It is important to remember that most songbirds feed juveniles insects. If the adopted child belongs to the songbirds, it should be fed the same things adults feed on carnivorous birds: the larvae of flies, mealworms, ant cocoons, as well as cottage cheese, carrots and chicken egg. Do not forget about the mineral and vitamin supplements. You can grow the chicks vskarmlivaya them one ant cocoons, but they will not be able to grow at a chicken egg.
Food is conveniently supplied with a pair of tweezers. Already from the first feeding is necessary to ensure that the pet is independently opened the beak. To do this, you need to shake the presentation to the forceps socket or tweezers to touch the corners of the beak, feathers head. Starting from 15 days of age, feed dispersed on the bottom of the cell. When the chick learns to peck scattered food, can be installed in a cage feeder. But with a pair of tweezers to feed the chick stopped only when he learns to load up to satiety. From that moment on he will need more spacious cell, which can fly and run.

Chicks falcon, sparrow hawk owl and should be fed daily chickens slaughtered bird or meat.

Features feeding finches

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Chicks family of finches (greenfinch, bullfinch,goldfinch, linnet) will be able to bring up only with other finches birds. This is due to the fact that parents may bring food in its beak machined and wetted with saliva containing enzymes. Without this digestion is not produced chicks.
Grow nestling finches can usedomesticated canaries. To do this, you need to remove it from the slot and put the clutch to the newly hatched chicks. Canary will be happy to feed the nestlings while they are in the nest. But after leaving some individuals stop feeding adoptees.

Growing chicks owls, predators, duck, chicken - less difficult. These birds less intense metabolism, and many of them are born ready for independent living.

Care chicks

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Since small pet is necessary to feedvery often, you should always be near or carry it with you. While fledgling small and can not escape, you can keep it in a small container or box. If the fledgling chick only 4-5 days from the moment it was hatched, it is important to ensure heating. The easiest way to arrange it in the form of hot water bottles flattened plastic bottle.
Since 9-12 days, when the chick is committedleave the "nest", it is better to put in a small cell. Regardless of the place, in the chick must be dry soft bedding, which is suitable for moss or dried grass. If they are not at hand, it is possible for the first time to lay wool. In this case, it is important to constantly monitor that chick is not entangled in the fibers. Change the litter should be the extent of pollution.

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