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GRAY color in the interior of the apartment


Gray color in the interior of the apartment</a>

There are many complex shades of gray color: smoky, steel, lead, ashy, silver, slate, anthracite, pearlescent, pearly, wet asphalt, bluish.

Enumerate for a long time, because this list is far from complete.

Designers consider gray the most elegant color, and psychologists say that the gray color in the interior fills us with a sense of stability and confidence.

Gray is ideal for any room and harmonizes with any style.

Gray in the interior of the dining room

Formed in a dark gray tone the dining roomWill require bright good lighting. Therefore, it is best to decorate it with light colors. A wonderful addition to the interior of the dining room, executed in this color, will be shiny metal accessories, or cream tones, ceramics, copper, silver.

Gray in the interior of the living room

Performed in a monochrome gray scale living roomWill look very sad. To blossom it, you need to combine different textures and drawings, different shades of color. Looks great living room, in which only one of the walls is painted gray. Also, bright furniture looks bright on a gray background. The combination of white, gray and beige colors looks flawless.

Gray in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom can be made in any shadesGray color - both in light and dark. Dark colors will add depth to the interior, help reveal sexuality and sensuality. Airiness and lightness will give the interior of the bedroom light colors of gray. Gray color can be brought into the bedchamber with the help of textiles.

Gray color in the bathroom interior

If you start with the fact that the best color for relaxation is gray, it becomes obvious in what scale the bathroom should be made. It is for recreation that gray color is ideal.

Gray color in the interior of the children's room

Hyperactive children need an environmentSoothing. It is these needs that parents will be able to satisfy by decorating a child in shades of gray. The children's gray color will perfectly match with the pink.

Gray in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen gray color is very refreshing, and there isThe need to give it a little coziness. This is easy to achieve by diluting the gray color with warm shades of olive, orange, yellow. Any material, from plastic to wood, will look spectacular against the background of gray tones.

Gray in the interior of the office

The designer's task in the design of the cabinet -Creating a business atmosphere and working mood. Gray color is simply indispensable in dealing with these issues. Enter it in the design of the room can be with the help of finishing materials of pebbles, concrete, steel, and not only painting the walls or gluing wallpaper.

Gray in the interior of the hallway

Furniture in the hallway should be a few shades darker than the walls. But designers do not recommend too dark objects. Perfect design of the gray hallway - juicy, bright accessories.

What colors are combined with gray

All shades of gray are very self-sufficient. But despite this, the color definitely can act as a companion. Here are the most effective combinations of colors:

  • The colors gray plus plum, lavender, violet, ruby, burgundy, wine, lilac, eggplant look quite sensual.
  • Elegant and cold - gray plus blue, blue.
  • It looks cheerful combination of gray and yellow colors.
  • Exquisitely and stylishly looks gray together with silver.

You will never be annoyed by the combination of gray with beige.

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