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Grating - a building material, which is made up of interconnected steel strips.

Gratings used in construction, landscaping, in industry.

Types of gratings

Gratings by the method of production is divided into two types: welded and pressed.

Pressed gratings are made ofmild steel or stainless steel by bessvarochnogo compound. Binding strip is pressed into the bearing by cold pressing using special equipment at a pressure of about 500 tons.

Welded gratings are resistant to low temperatures, corrosive substances. Therefore, they are used to working with an aggressive and atmospheric environment with various objects.

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This manufacturing technique allows to obtainstructure with high strength monolithic joints. Lattice pressed gratings are popular in industrial production and construction. In these regions, high reliability and safety of the carrying portions.

Welded gratings are made withusing resistance welding bearing bars. Such lattices are bearing strips, which are connected to twisted rods binders. Main load in this case are metal strips.

Welded gratings are used in the construction ofmaintenance platforms, platforms, walk-through areas near the pipelines and distribution tanks. Use welded grating for building service platforms in the energy and industrial construction, closing the channels, ground transoms and hatches.

Advantages of welded grating

Welded gratings have high resistance todeformation even under heavy weight loads. Since they have high strength, their service life can reach twenty years. This reduces repair costs.

Pressed flooring - an attractive material for designers, direct straight line such arrays can use them to create stairs, fences.

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Welded gratings manufactured with the help of modern technology, have low weight, they are easy to install and dismantle.

The advantages of molded gratings

Pressed gratings have a low weight that allows you to save on specialized equipment for maintenance and installation.

Such gratings are resistant to a large weightstresses that allows them to operate for about twenty years. They require little repair costs, the individual structural elements of pressed gratings easily replaced with new ones.

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