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Graphical representation of occupied space

Pie chart

To learn how to distribute space on your computer, it is useful to present graphically some disk or directory and view them.

For these purposes, developed a number of different graphics programs-analyzers occupied space.

Consider the most popular ones are distributed free of charge.

You will need

  • - the Internet.



SpaceSniffer. One of the most popular free programsgraphical analysis of occupied space in various media. It uses a block representation of the results. It has good functionality and the ability to customize. Size 1.5 MB utility. No installation required. It works only on Microsoft Windows.

The program SpaceSniffer


Scanner. Another freeware graphicala file system analysis. It is the analysis of the results in a pie chart. It is characterized by simplicity of the interface and small size - about 250 KB. No installation required. It works only on Microsoft Windows.

Scanner program


WinDirStat. open source program analyzerfor Microsoft Windows operating systems. It uses triple representation at the same time: the graphic block, lists and statistics on the percentage of extensions. It features a good functional, informative and interface usability. Its size is about 650 KB.

The program WinDirStat


Baobab. Free program analyzer opensource Linux operating systems. It scans the file system or a separate directory. It reflects the scan results in a pie chart or units (optional). It allows you to view real-time changes to the file system structure, or a single directory, delete the selected directories or files.

The program Baobab

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