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GRADIENT-fashion manicure


Gradient-fashion manicure</a>

Now a manicure made in the "gradient" technique is very relevant.

When every nail shows a smooth transition from light to dark.

Nails painted with the "gradient" technique always attract attention and look great. Despite the difficult name - "gradient" - the way of doing this kind of manicure is very simple.

You will need

  • Several shades of nail polish
  • Sponge or a piece of sponge
  • Piece of polyethylene
  • Vata
  • Nail polish remover
  • Toothpick



You need to buy several shades of varnish from one company, if the varnish is from different manufacturers, then it should be the same density.


Essential difference of this manicure is that,That the varnish is applied not with a brush, but with a sponge or a piece of a sponge. For this, on a piece of polyethylene, drip close to each other on a drop of lacquer of two or three shades. With a toothpick, mix shades where the droplets come in contact, to give mixed transitional shades. Sponge a sponge or sponge the nail and print on the nail, shaking the sponge up and down, left and right.


Wrap some cotton wool on the toothpick and moisten itIn the liquid to remove the varnish, wipe off all the excess from the skin around the nail. Where there are unpainted places, tinted lightly with a thin brush. At the top of the nails must be covered with a clear varnish. So you save the manicure for a longer period.

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