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GRADIENT -Fashion manicure

Gradient -Fashion manicure

Now it is very urgent manicure, made in the technique of "gradient".

When seen on each nail a smooth transition from light to dark shades.

Nails painted on the technique of "gradient", always attract attention and perfectly smotryatsya.Nesmotrya the complicated name - "gradient" - a way of execution of this type of manicure is quite simple.

You will need

  • Some nail polish colors
  • Sponge or a piece of sponge
  • A piece of polyethylene
  • wadding
  • Nail polish remover
  • Toothpick



several shades of nail polish is necessary to buy a company, if the nail will be from different manufacturers, then it must be the same density.


The essential difference between this manicure isthat the varnish is applied with a brush, a sponge or a piece of sponge. To do this on a piece of polyethylene drip close to each other on a droplet of lacquer two or three shades. Toothpick mix shades where the drops come into contact, to get mixed gradation. A piece of sponge or sponge dab paint and print on the nail, shaking sponge up and down, left and right.


Wrap the floss on a bit of cotton wool and moistened herin nail polish remover, wipe off all the excess skin around the nail. Where were unpainted places tint slightly thin brush. Top nails necessarily cover a colorless varnish. So you save a manicure for a longer period.

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